Know of any European Catholic Places to Visit?

:thumbsup: WOW! Thank you everyone!

I am sure to spend time with Jesus where ever I go. I have been slipping a little (okay, a lot :frowning: ) in my devotion and hope that going to these types of sights will help me bring back my perspective. I have made some wonderful devoted Catholic friends and we are excited about seeing the Catholic sights of Europe while our husbands are downrange.

Keep the ideas coming as we have a long year to fill!

How about the great cathedrals and abbeys of France? Strasbourg (in Alsace) has a beautiful cathedral and is close to many places in Germany. Paris has wonderful cathedrals–Notre Dame, and Sainte Chapelle. Chartres and Rouen (St. Joan of Arc!) are both beautiful little French towns and have wonderful cathedrals.

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