Know of any good Catholic charities?

I just joined the CC this past Easter, and am looking for good Catholic charities to donate to (in addition to my Parish). I had been giving to several Protestant charities (I was previously a Baptist).

Does anyone know of good Catholic charities that don’t have huge “overhead” - in other words, the money I give will be mostly used for charity work and not administrative upkeep? (I understand that SOME administrative costs are necessary, but I’ve found some charities to be excessive.) I’ve been looking for such information on the internet, but it’s not as freely published as I would like.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Check your Archdiocese’s Respect Life Office for a women’s center for young women contemplating abortion. In Denver, there are several (click here for one example). They are usually not well funded and can always use any donations, financial and material.

An organisation like the Missionaries of Charity (founded by Mother Teresa) would be good. They do wonderful work with the poorest of the poor in well over 100 countries all over the world. They live a very simple and humble lifestyle and would put the money where it is needed most. They certainly wouldn’t spend it on unnecessary things or luxuries for themselves. :yup:

tom - Welcome to the Church and congratulations to you on your faith journey.

Catholic Charities - wow there are plenty

  1. Check your diocese website
  2. Ask other parishioners or call your priest or rectory staff
  3. St. Vincent DePaul is a big one for funds and materials
  4. Catholic Community Services is probably available in your area
  5. Catholic supported shelters in your area (diocese info)
  6. Catholic schools and organizations.

I generally try to keep it local to my parish, school, and diocese - in that order.

If you are “registered” in your parish you may have started getting those weekly envelopes. Each month their always seems to be a charity available to give to - Bishop’s Appeal, Overseas missions, Catholic Retirement, etc.

As for the overhead question - you may have to do a little more research there to determine which one has the lowest overhead operating costs - but your heart will guide your treasure and talent. Trust that God’s grace leads all these organizations to be good stewards of your treasure of a gift. Good luck and God Bless your charity. A very prolife Catholic organization that is working on shoe string budget. They also have a Eucharistic adoration chapel on their premises. Saves babies and their families for over 20 years. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the great ideas! I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Ask your main diocese office (not sure which one it is). They can lead you to what is offered near you.

Here are the ones that I know:

We give to Mercy Corp. The national spokes person is the musician, John Michael Talbot. 95% goes to those who need help. They are usually one of the first on the ground to help with help is needed.

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