Know of any Psychologists in Boston area who are Christian?


I need to find a psychologist, preferabley one who treats children/young adults who is not liberal. I live in the Boston area so conservatives in general are hard to find, and conservative shrinks are even harder.
My daughter really needs psychological help due to some things she’s been through. She has said more than once that she wants to die, although she claims she wouldn’t actually take her own life. She’s only 13 yrs old. I had her seeing someone touted to be one of the best, but the doctor was a liberal of course and couldn’t keep from trying to indoctrinate my child. Oh, also she threatened to call DSS if we ever spanked our kids again. Note: when we spank, it’s only one or two swats on the but (hardly ever causing tears even!)
I don’t like psychiatry in general as I’ve met very few that aren’t liberal wack jobs, but I know there must be good ones out there - and good ones I can trust. If anyone knows one please let me know a.s.a.p.
Thanks and God Bless,



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Thank you, however I'm familiar with the only two counselors listed on the first site (one is wonderful and we worked with her for a while but the weekly 1 hour commute both ways became impossilbe; the other is, well, substandard)
The Catholic Charities have two sites, both approx. 1 hour commute. (sigh)
Any other thoughts?


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