Know schools for liturgical theology?

I received my BA in Theology from a small “catholic” college and had to teach myself the faith in order to have substance. I am currently working on my MA through Franciscan Univ with an emphasis in theology (appose to catechesis). I would like to study, after my MA, specifically Liturgical Theology. I would like to one day be a diocesan liturgist, write on liturgy or even teach it. Any suggestions of GOOD CATHOLIC schools that have an emphasis with liturgy? My current MA is pretty general. I wouldnt mind another MA, or a Certificate or Doctorate but want to spend much, much more time in Liturgy.

The Liturgical Institute

Also look at

Notre Dame, Indiana
St. John’s Univ. Collegeville, MN
Catholic University, Washington DC

I would not really recommend Notre Dame. Having dealt with two people (one being a priest) with degrees in liturgy from there, I am rather leery about what they are teaching at that particular institution. Some of the stuff both of these individuals came up with was rather questionable and not necessarily faithful to the authoritative documents of the Church.

I am not sure if the University of Dallas or Ave Maria have liturgical theology, but, they might make a better alternative.

hmmmmm… Do you mean literally a BA in Theology? You’ve given away more than you might have intended in your post. Small Catholic college???

If you mean what I think you mean, then you’ve already learned that theology classes are what you make of them, and that you have to make the extra effort to find the good, solid theology profs to make that happen. You’ll find both kinds at any school. If you’re anticipating working for a diocese, you might want to consider a pontifical degree–an STB or STL. Catholic Univ. in Washington DC might be your best bet. It’s at least worth looking into.

I must respectfully disagree with you. While there are some people who come out of ND with their own agenda, what is taught in liturgy there is very orthodox. In fact, most of the courses are not practical but focus on the historical, theological and on ritual. Whatever one transfers of that to the practical level they do on their own. I have nothing but praise for the education I received there…and yes my MA is in liturgical studies. However, we are taught to reflect theologically on the documents, and not become strict ritualists and rubricists. The liturgy is something lived, it is dynamic and not static.

Just so the OP knows, the STL has extensive language requirements, Greek, Latin, French and German. That is what kept me out of that program. I have no luck with languages other than English and a little Latin and HS French. My friend, who is going for his STD at Catholic U is having a real difficult time with German.

While liturgy is something lived and something dynamic, it is also not some free form exercise in creativity. This is what I experienced in working with these two individuals. In fact, I had an interaction with one of the liturgy professors when he came down to do an assessment of our sanctuary at my former parish in Austin some years ago. He was more along the lines of the Spirit of Vatican II than what Vatican II actually said.

BenedictGal, are you familiar with the Liturgical Institute in Mundelein? Since you’re CAF’s resident liturgical guru (;)), I’m interested in your observations. I’ve heard two of their faculty members speak (Fr. Barron and Fr. Martis) and they were both right on the money. I’ve also known one of their graduates who was also right on target liturgically, and he shared some of the awesome things he learned there. They also have a testimonial from Scott Hahn on their website. :slight_smile:

Taking all this into account, it seems like a good place to go, but I’m curious to know if you’ve had any experience with the school, it’s faculty, or it’s graduates.

As others have noted, Notre Dame, the Catholic University (D.C.), and St. John’s (Minnesota) are very well regarded for liturgical studies.

This is a good thread. I’d like to learn more about these schools.

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