Know that you have eternal life


How does one respond to the Biblical verse below when a Protestant friend brings it up to validate his position or belief about having an assurance of salvation?

These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, so that you may know that you have eternal life. 1john 5:13


Yes, if we accept Jesus, stay in His grace, and persevere to the end.


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I forgot to mention that we have the Sacrament of Reconciliation if we should fall into serious sin.


As science advances I am certain we will be able to prove the existence of the other world we came from and will return to after our body dies. Having come out of nothing and become nothing is against the laws of physics.
Physical science always starts out by theory, by asking questions, then working out the proof. As for where we came from and will return to after death, I did ask the questions and worked out the theory. In time physical science will prove me right: yes, there is a parallel universe. Human beings are usually reborn on earth once in a thousand years, then at death the “soul body” returns to that other universe. Religion has nothing to do with it.
Geography of the parallel universe is identical to to what we have here, only people are shuffled about. You can be an Indonesian male over there and be born here in America as a female. When you die you find yourself “there” regain consciousness and wonder what the devil has just happened. Then you are called to examine how you did on earth, what went right, what went wrong, similar to a highschool graduation.



I believe Sacred Scripture which says “You are appointed once to die, and then the judgment.”

All sins are forgivable, someone has mis-informed you.

The only unforgivable sin is when we think that God cannot forgive us. (ultimate despair).

Peace and Prayers,



Not to be too dark, but technically everyone has eternal life. It’s just dependent on God’s grace and your own repentance whether or not that means eternal life in Heaven or eternity in Hell.

I admit, I’m a bit uncertain as to how that verse is used to justify assured salvation.


Eternal life does not guarantee salvation…those who reject Christ will have eternal life, but an eternal life of pain, torment, darkness, and loneliness.


John is referring to the communion aspect of eternal life; notice 1John 5:12 “To keep hold of the Son is to have life; he is lifeless who has no hold of the Son of God” (Ronald Knox translation).

The Eucharist, in which we have eternal life, is Given to Catholics every day as Bread for the Journey – and because we KNOW it is Jesus himself who is the Eucharist AND eternal life; we are given an assurance of “eternal life” which we “have”. eg: even you CAN be assured of having eternal life for as long as you are able to receive communion in a state of Grace; but it is not an absolute assurance that in the future you will not let go of him.

Your conversation is dealing with confusion about ‘point salvation’ with biblical references to Jesus who is the source of eternal life that comes to us in the Eucharist even today.

Compare “Eternal life” of 1John with that found in John 11:24-26 where Jesus says those who remain in him will “never die”. I think you can see that Eternal life, scripturally, refers to a sort of ‘boundless life’, not so much a temporally unlimited one – as even Lazarus who was raised from the dead died again; and also the apostle John, about whom the rumor arose that he would “never die” but remain until God came again. So: There are different ways that the word can be interpreted, depending on the biblical context it is used in.


What things has he written? Read all the sentences that begin with the word “If” in 1 John that come before verse 5:13.


Perhaps, you could say “You do know that you can’t just snip out a couple of verses and ignore everything else that Jesus commanded us to do, don’t you? You don’t just get to pick the verses you like, you have do do Everything that Jesus said.”

Jesus never said only pay attention to 1 John 5:13 and ignore everything else I command. Jesus said that we must do All that He has commanded us.
Then bring up some of the many, many versus telling us that we can be cut off from the vine and cast into the fire.



I know that I have ten dollars in my wallet. I know that I can lose it too.

1 Timothy 1 talks about making a shipwreck of your faith.



This brings up the issue of our assurance of salvation. It should be read in the context of the previous chapters of the letter. Remember that within Protestantism it’s very common to take one verse and develop a whole Theology on that alone.

According to the verse, we can be sure of our salvation, if we consider all the things that St. John has said before, including our love of God and our brothers, our avoidance of sin, our pursuit of God, etc.


Taking one verse out of context is the surest way to misinterpretation.


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