Knowing God's Will

How do we know what is God’s will?

This is what was written by F. B. Meyer about a hundred years ago:

F. B. Meyer was a Baptist I think. But is what he has written accurate from a Catholic point of view? Is there anything in it that would need to be changed for Catholics?

Hi Buzz,

I’ve been following you on the CP & Carmel threads. Welcome & God bless you in your journey.

I just skimmed through the material on the site mentioned. I am not enough of a apologist/theologian to advise you on it’s contents, but this is the manner in which I approach non-Catholic material. There is so much Catholic material. Why would I put myself in the position of possibly being getting information which is even slightly off?

St Ignatius speaks of discernment in the Spiritual Excercises # 313-336

Here’s another great article.

Search on discernment and read the Catholic material

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