Knowing what to change

I want to make a change in my life for the better, but I’m not sure what I should change. For example, for some people, sexual activities is a struggle for them to overcome. But, one way for that person to change is to become celibate. I want to do something dramatic and difficult for God similar to that. But, my struggle isn’t with being sexual. I suppose mine are being scrupulous, having bad thoughts at times, maybe gossiping.

Does anyone have any experience or advice on what I could change to make a positive difference in my life. Thank you!

First of all, I just want to say it’s great you’re looking to make a big step closer toward God!

For me, it was trying to pray always. Pray, pray, pray. Try to incorporate that in everything you do, everything you say, and everything you think. In that way, I think you might be able to avoid bad thoughts and gossip by always keeping God in mind and at the center of everything. I’m not saying God should always be the topic; when I say “Try to incorporate [prayer] in … everything you say”, I mean try to think of whether what you’re going to say is charitable or not, whether you think your words could be filled with the goodness of God, etc.

That might be a big start to incorporate God in your thoughts, words, and actions.

You can also maybe do corporal works of mercy; visiting the sick, the imprisoned, etc. Remember that faith is a response to God’s love. For me, I became a catechist.

I can definitely say I’m happier than before because of these things! I hope to one day be able to visit the sick, the imprisoned, etc. It might be hard at first to make some things a habit, but it will be worth it!

God bless!

Thank you! I was thinking about prayer, because I do become lazy sometimes when I want to pray, and I don’t pray as much as I’d like. But, that’s a great idea to incorporate God in everything that I do. I try to talk to God throughout the day, but sometimes I just am not good with words so my talk to God is pretty short. I am thinking about starting to volunteer soon, so hopefully that helps lead me further into doing more good or jut simply having better thoughts. Thank you so much, and God Bless you!

That’s great you want to work on your spiritual life. :thumbsup:

Insofar as gossip goes, I would say to focus on ourselves, getting ourselves, and our own lives together, first.

When you are tempted to talk about someone else’s faults, try to realize that person is connected to you.

Think of how you feel when others gossip about you, and do unto others.

Here’s something on gossip, and I have also been guilty of this and will try to remember this, also, for myself.

Thank you!!! God Bless you

It’s a great habit to have! I wish I could incorporate it more thoroughly. When I tried to incorporate prayer into everything I did, it really helped me to change a lot of things in my life. People commonly think that prayer is just keeping quiet and speaking/listening to God, but prayer can also be found in action. Let your actions be a prayer to God; that they may praise and glorify Him with everything you do. Incorporating God into everything helped me to find God in others and helped give me a more serene life.

For me, I try to talk to God but it took me a longer time to learn to listen. Whenever I might do something questionable, I might ask myself, “Would God approve of me doing this?” It might also be helpful to just be in silence to listen to where God is calling you; praying is also listening.

Hypothetical example: in certain situations, someone might start telling me something about somebody who I also may not be too fond of; I have two-three options. I can tell them what I think and add in to what they’re saying, or I can just listen and keep silent because I have nothing nice to say. I always pick the second choice – just listen.

I hope this helps somewhat!

Thank you! Listening is very important, even if sometimes I get frustrated because I feel like I don’t know what God is telling me to do. But, I know even without talking God knows what I’m saying if I just sit in silence. I will try to do that more often. Thank you so much!

Don’t say anything negative about others that other people do not need to know. Always speak charitably, and do not hurt the reputation of others, as ruining a person’s good name is much worse than stealing his/her property. God bless you.

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