Knowledge of the evil ones

Today’s liturgy of Mark speaks of one knowing who Jesus was. Others in the scriptures. Unclean spirits say they knew who Jesus was. What can this mean? When Jesus was crucified the scriptures say that if Satan would’ve known who Jesus was they wouldn’t have worked to have him crucified.


Satan could have had full knowledge of Jesus’ identity without understanding the ramifications of his Sacrifice. I would have never guessed it.

And, by ramifications, I don’t mean opening the gates of Heaven. Satan didn’t care about that - it doesn’t affect him in any way. What would it matter to Satan if someone was in the Bosom of Abraham or in heaven? Either way, they’re out of his reach.

I’m talking about enabling Christian Baptism (which vanquishes original sin). And the Eucharist. And Confession. I’m talking about pouring the Grace of God upon humanity. I’m talking about the Church. NOBODY suspected that!

God had never died before, and nobody knew what would happen if he did.

I always knew Satan was stupid.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

The demons knew Jesus was special, even the promised Messiah, but their behavior suggests that they did not realize that Jesus was God incarnate. For instance, Satan’s temptations in the desert make no sense, if Satan knew he was talking to the Creator of the universe.

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