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After years of looking at the DRB, I have decided on and bought the Knox Bible. It looks like a great solid translation. Any suggestions or thoughts before I actually receive it in the mail?

No, but I’d like to hear what you think of it when you get into reading it a bit. I’ve considered getting myself a Knox, but haven’t yet. Currently, I use RSV-CE (although I also use DR and unfortunately the NAB-RE).

I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve spent with the Knox Bible, using it as my primary bible for about a year until recently.

I think it can be best utilized as a supplemental version. I really enjoy comparing the daily readings in this version and something like the RSVCE or NAB. It has definitely shed some new light on passages that I’ve read and heard many times before.

The Baronius edition is itself quite handsome. I’m a big fan of single column formatting. But this version packs a lot of text onto every page, and it’s difficult to read for extended periods of time. I really wish that the psalms were formatted more poetically.

Overall, I think you will really enjoy the Knox version. It’s very different than any other translation that I’ve used.

I agree very strongly with this statement. I was fortunate enough to find an old printing of the Knox New Testament at a Goodwill store (I think it cost $2-3). I had to look it up on my phone at the time, because it seemed like a Catholic Bible, but I knew nothing about it.

It is a joy to read due not only to the language (translation) but also the layout. And again, it is excellent to read along side another translation (I used my Ignatius Catholic Study New Testament).

In fact, I was so pleased with it that I just ordered an old, used copy of the 2 volume Old Testament Knox translation. It was less expensive than a new copy of the Baronius Press Knox Bible, and (I hope) the print is a little bigger. If it’s as good as I hope/expect, I might still pick up the Baronius Press edition anyway just to have a copy on hand.

I did order the Baronius copy. I looked around and was unable to find the text online. The sample page looks like it is clear to read.

I really enjoy the Knox translation. I have the Baronius edition.

Also, you can find the text online at

Archbishop Fulton Sheen decided that it was the best translation at that time and relied on it for scripture quotes in his books. Once you acquaint yourself with the Anglicisms in it, it truly is a beautiful read. And, some of the notes (i.e. the wedding feast at Cana - John 2) are worthy of contemplation.

Thanks for the links. I will certainly read it online.

Thanks for the link.

This is excellent. Has side by side with the Greek and Latin. My favorite.

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