Knox Bible


Wondering the thoughts on the Knox Bible (Baronius) from some of you scholars on CATHOLIC bibles
I love my Douay Rheims and Confraternity,just looking for another version
Thanks in advance:thumbsup:


I believe my better half’s advice on art shows is appropro here: see it like it buy it.

Or, in the words of Nike shoes, just do it!

It’s solid and one of the more beautiful translations. Take it for a test drive at new advent’s site. That will fill the time between placing your order tomorrow and receiving your package.


It is translated using the Vulgate so it should match up very nicely (verse numbers, spelling of persons and places, etc.). A difference between the two translations that you already have and the Knox Bible is that the Knox Bible is a much more ‘dynamic’ (less word for word literal) and much more literary. The translation though less literal, does not mean it is less accurate. There are times that Knox (being able to use more words) is able to get the meaning of a verse across to the reader easier than a strict literal reading. Look at it online at and read about it at (just search for Knox bible and you find a lot!


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