KOC vs. the freemasons

who would win in an epic battle between these two groups?

which side do you think has better weaponry and combat skills?

would the vatican unleash the albinos to help fight?

what secret weapons do the freemasons have? zombies or winged monkeys or anything cool like that?

Excuse me for my ignorance, but who or what is KOC?

knights of columbus

I think the main secret weapons are little cars, fezes, and nice hospitals that help children. Our K of C has a combined dance with them every year. Our profit goes to Pro-Life and the Mason’s half goes the the burn hospitals.

Oh, thanks. I have heard this name before, but I have no idea what kind of organisation they are.

This is “tongue and cheek” right?

The way the Dan Brown portrayed an albino as some sort of pitiful creature was awful, especially considering how they’ve been portrayed so badly over and over and over in popular culture.

Honestly, I think joking about albinos is just as bad as racist jokes.

Have you ever seen KoC honor guard at a funeral service. They do some pretty cool sword play.

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