KofC -- Is it worth joining?


Hi everyone,

A friend and I are considering joining Knights of Columbus. We’re both in our mid-twenties, he has two boys (one newborn and one three-year-old), and I have a newborn son. And of course we’re both married.

The Knights of Columbus website plainly states that the primary purpose of the organisation (or at least the original primary purpose) was to provide financial assistance to the families of its members.

I know they also do charitable work and pro-life campaigns.

My friend and I are, however, both somewhat limited on time. (I mentioned the three year old, right?) We don’t want to spend a lot of extra evenings away from our families; but we both like the idea of being a part of a Catholic brotherhood like that.

A couple of questions for you who are K of C, were K of C, or are family of K of C. Or who just want to post something.

  1. How faithful is it to the Faith?

  2. What are the benefits of being K of C?

  3. What good does K of C do?

  4. How seriously do they take their duty as the official guard of the Priesthood in the US? How do they perform this function?

  5. What are the drawbacks or potential drawbacks?

Another good friend of mine described K of C as a group of guys who don’t do anything but get together and drink beer, but pray beforehand. (As we were enjoying our beers, he said, “At least we don’t pretend!”)

Agree or disagree?



Hi consumed;

My husband is a member of the K of C, from back in PA. Once we join this parish soon, he is going to transfer his membership to this chapter. He loved it back in PA. He said that every meeting begins with a prayer session, and then plan a lot of charity events. I have heard the beer drinking fests can happen in some chapters, but not the one he experienced.

I’ll tell him to post about his experience on here, tomorrow. I say join!:slight_smile:


Hello from a 3rd degree member of KofC council #3763.

Very Faithful. It is 100% Catholic.

I suppose that depends on one’s outlook. Some join for the social aspect others to help within the parish. I joined for a combination of the two. One of the BIG things that KofC is known for is insurance. Members are encouraged to participate but it is NOT required if you do not wish to take advantage of insurance program.

KofC is involved in MANY things. In the council I belong to we sponsor several fund raising drives a year, participate in youth activities (Free-Throw events, etc.), sponsor such things as the Coffee & Doughnuts after the 8:30am Sunday Mass, Fish Fry Dinners during the Fridays of Lent, Spaghetti dinners at various times during the year, we’ve acted as security during VIP visits at the Catholic High School, etc. Much of the money raised from these events, goes toward helping parish members, assisting with expenses that sneak up on some of our young seminarians, and charitable contributions to the handicapped.

Our priniciples are Charity, Unity and Fraternity. We serve the Church, it’s Bishops and Priests, and the people within the Church.

The only drawback I have experienced is that I don’t always have enough “free” time to participate as much as I would like to.

I suppose that different councils may vary, but overall I would have to disagree with your friend’s assessment. I know that we do not even serve alcohol at our normal meetings. We do have a social hour prior to the meeting but that is simply a dinner with sodas, tea, or lemonade to drink.


Being a wife of a member of the KofC as well a daughter of a member of the KofC, I say go for it.
It is great and helps with family life. There are the monthly meetings and lots of charitable events as well they organize things for the families and parish. Really great, we have a couple bowling nights, then there are hockey nights, skating events, parish picnic (organized by KofC and CWL).
Dh goes once a month with other knights to volunteeer at St.Francis Table.

  1. How faithful is it to the Faith? I think it is very faithful.

  2. What are the benefits of being K of C? There are many…besides the spiritual and social benefits, they offer a great insurance plan

  3. What good does K of C do? It depends on the particular council, ours does a lot around the parish as well helps in the community

  4. How seriously do they take their duty as the official guard of the Priesthood in the US? How do they perform this function?..not sure I am in Canada

  5. What are the drawbacks or potential drawbacks? I do not think there are any

Once again, I say join.


Hmm. I thought I read somewhere that one of there at least ceremonial funtions was protection of the priesthood. Is that correct?

Thanks for all the responses!


Do you think that’s a bad thing?

I suggest that you join and find out.

Your friend is focussing on the wrong things. They are human, so there may be some nonsense but they are 100% commited to the teachings of the Catholic Church and to the defense and promotion of the Faith so if some of them enjoy a beer or three I wouldn’t worry that much about it.

From your name, I gather you’re a convert.

I am too and the thing that attracted me to the K of C was their no-nonsense acceptance and promotion of the Faith. We know who we serve. Some of our members may be flawed, but the organization is rock-solid.

I strongly encourage you (and any other practical Catholic men) to join.


As a child growing up in MA, I recall most of my Aunts involved with the “Sisters of Columbus”. Does that organization still exist, and are their other “sister” organizations of the K of C that women can join?


Never said it was a bad thing; in fact, I think it’s a very fascinating and–well, for lack of a better word–cool thing. Just wanted to know if it is, in fact, true that they are officially the protectors of the preisthood, at least ceremonially.

Anyone know?


I thought about joining when I turned 18 (back in May) but the knights in my Parish are all older men (most of them 40+). I’ve been trying to convince my friend to join with me


On one occasion when I was asked to make a holy hour of Eucharistic Adoration in a chapel where a youth retreat was being held, I was gratified to see a Knight of Columbus in full uniform, sword and all, guarding Our Eucharistic Lord Jesus Truly Present in the monstrance on the altar.

On another occasion when I attended a wake held in the church for a pastor of a parish, there too was a Knight of Columbus in full uniform, keeping watch over the body of the deceased priest in the coffin.

The knights take turns standing guard in shifts, and are very reverent when it comes time to change the guard.

Both occasions were very moving instances and led me to a more prayerful appreciation of what was going on around me.

~~ the phoenix


For the good of all prospective members, we are sworn to secrecy regarding ceremonials (this is the only way that the KofC are secretive). Foreknowledge of any sort would greatly diminish the impact.

(whether or not your question specifically addressed ceremonials, I don’t feel that I should say any more on the subject).

I’ll simply say that you have nothing to worry about and that I wish I had memory loss so that I could fully experience the degrees again.

You’ve probably already seen this, but just in case :

Why join the Knights of Columbus -



I know. It’s like that pretty much anywhere and there’s only one way to change that situation :slight_smile:

Why is he holding back?

I pray that you won’t let him hold you back.


I’m afraid not.

I know that there are other groups that women can join that do good work (such as the Legion of Mary, secular orders, CWL, etc…), but you probably already knew that.


Thanks Greg, I had no idea it was a secret thing :wink:

In that case, Please, no one tell me! :thumbsup:


I beg pardon about my previous post.

For the record, I’m a woman (logically a non-KofC member) who witnessed what I did in places open to the public …

Should I ask a moderator to remove the post?

~~ the phoenix


I believe that what you witnessed had nothing to do with the “ceremonies” which are secret. (One example would be the initiation ceremony.)


Look into the Catholic Daughters of the Americas:



I was wondering why you admired the Knights so much, but spoke as though you weren’t a member :slight_smile:

No, the beautiful displays by the fourth-degree members that you witnessed are different and are free to discuss.

By “ceremonials” I meant the few private ceremonies that the members go through for instruction and advancement.


Thank you both, ack and Greg72,

I was starting to feel like I’d wandered into that one Flintstones cartoon episode where Wilma and Betty sneak into the “men only” Water Buffalo group wearing fake mustaches … and then find themselves very much out of place! :o

My grampa was a KofC member, and I’ll bet he made a good member, but I’m actually pretty clueless about his involvement.

Breathing a sigh of relief,

~~ the phoenix


There are the Daughters of Isabella an organization that was founded as an auxiliary to a K of C Council. There aren’t as many “circles” as there are K of C councils but there are thousands of women involved.

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