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Most of you have probably heard of Ben Stein’s new movie “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.” Evolutionists often dismiss their critics by pointing to the dearth of non-evolutionists at secular universities, research institutions, and on the editorial boards of scientific journals. In this film Ben Stein exposes the real reason for this situation–the systematic and ruthless persecution of academics who dare to question evolutionist dogma. I urge all of you to click on the following link, view the “Expelled” trailer, and sign up to be a leader to promote the film in your area

Finally, you may or may not have heard that the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (PAS) has scheduled a conference on evolution for the fall of this year. Sadly, but not surprisingly, the conference organizers do not appear to have invited a single presenter who dissents from evolutionism. Please pray that Kolbe advisory council members will be successful in their efforts to insure that the PAS invites qualified experts critical of evolutionism so that a truly balanced discussion can take place. Although Pope Pius XII asked for such a balanced discussion of evolutionism in Humani Generis 58 years ago, it still has not taken place at the PAS!

Hugh Owen

The PAS only invites serious, publicly recognized scientists to its conferences. Criticizing the Academy for not giving ID Creationists a place at the discussion table is as unfair as it would be to criticize them for not inviting astrologers to an astronomy conference, or for not welcoming phrenologists at a gathering of neuroscientists…


I posted this blindly, without having seen it, thinking it might be interesting to those, like me, who got in trouble for questioning an evolutionist in class about reducing human functions to being as animal as a wasp’s or something. What evolution had to do with family therapy was beyond me. This description did resonate with me. You are not allowed to disagree with these people in academia. They are a bunch of know-it-alls, despite that science can change. They’re like the Pharisees, who had control, abused it (they bowed to the Romans in secret because that kept them in power–sounds familiar amongst “reasonable” people like the PAS), and would not let any renewal happen.

Jesus, btw, was not recognized by them as having any authority. Jesus did not write any snooty theses on religion. He spoke what was since the beginning–nuff said (not for the educated Pharisees who knew everything). IDers say what happened since the beginning. God can do anything. He could use macroevolution, but we have no proof of that–just creatures that look similar and share some similar traits. That alone, is enough to allow the Biblical version to be taught equally with science.

I thought I read on that review or on the website that one of the latter Pius Popes said it should be side by side–at least in Christian schools, where Christianity, in general, ought to be taught as the story! In Catholic schools, the Catholic Faith better be taught as the True Faith and its scholars should be taught as more right than those spouting bull (and probably showing the Vagina Monologues as intellectually stimulating–why bishops aren’t using their authority to say to these Catholic schools, “Be Catholic or be secular”, I cannot imagine) today. If Augustine or St, Thomas Aquinas aren’t the reasonable voices here, who are? If a Pope who was Pope after the theory of evolution says it ought to be side by side as equally possible as theistic evolution, why are we Catholics having a problem with this?

It’s not right if ID people do to evolutionists of various stripes what’s done to them by the latter, but that does not mean the show does not make any points. I did not watch it so as to be unbiased about the film itself, but I think the theme of high-brow prejudice against IDers is long overdue to be discussed as it is a problem (if it is Michael Moore style, then it unfortunately did the ID adherents a disservice in the public eye and could fail its purpose). I’m sick of conservatives having to shut their mouths as “reasonable” people can say whatever. That attitude spawns sometimes-uncharitable reactionary behavior. Until proof is found for one or the other, why can’t theistic evolution and ID be taught side-by-side, in at least Christian schools/macroevolution as a possibility, in public schools as possibilities that cannot be proven? Is it really a science thing or a fear of ridicule by the world on the part of those like the PAS. Oh, btw, Nostradamus used astrology in his predictions, but not in a magic kind of heretical way, as he was a even a friend of a good Pope. You won’t get that from the Discovery Channel, which would have him a poor, decent man persecuted by the mean ol’ rigid right-wing intolerant Catholic Church. Read Pierre DuPont’s “The Coming Chastisement”.

I think Jack Cashill’s “The Triumph of Design” is a better documentary to see based on what I’ve read of the responses. It approaches ID scientifically, as that can be done to dismiss macro-evolution if it cannot prove ID).


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