Komen Affiliates Resume Funding Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Komen Affiliates Resume Funding Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Washington, DC - Komen for the Cure has officially buckled to pressure from Planned Parenthood and 17 affiliates of the national breast cancer charity will provide grants for the abortion business this calendar year.


Wow, this is old news. They didn’t “buckle to pressure from Planned Parenthood,” they buckled to pressure form their own donors who stopped giving them money in response and protested vigorously. Then the people responsible for stopping the grants got fired.

The Susan G. Komen grants to Planned Parenthood work like this: woman comes into a PP clinic for an examination. Doctor thinks she needs a mammogram. She can’t afford it and has no insurance to cover it.

PP gives her a voucher, essentially, to a local lab where she can have the mammogram.

That’s it. No “abortion biz” involved. No money goes to pay for anyone’s abortion. The only result of losing that money was less medical care for indigent women. Except that the actual result was a huge rush of donations to PP to keep the program going.

Everyone relax. No “extra abortions” will happen because of Susan G. Komen money. There were some clinics that would have had to close that were opened just to provide care to women most likely to benefit from mammograms and need them. They were located near things like halfway houses for women leaving prisons or mental health facilities or battered or homeless women’s shelters. It’s about health care for people no one cares about.

It’s not as easy as “A woman gets a voucher for a mammogram”.

The SGK parent organization gives block grants to many organizations including many outside of the US. Every organization recieving a grant from SGK is listed on their IRS Audited Financial Statements which are posted at **ww5.komen.org/AboutUs/FinancialInformation.htm**l.

An example from their 2010-2011 Auditied Financial Statement is a $10,320 grant listed for the purpose of “Education” which was given to the Center for Women’s Policy Studies, 1776 Massachusetts Ave, Washington, DC, 20036. The Center for Women’s Policy Studies website states:

Since 1989, the Center has promoted public policy options that preserve reproductive rights and health for low income women and for women of color. Today, the Center is working in partnership with state legislators who are seeking to preserve reproductive rights and promote reproductive health programs through legislative and policy initiatives. These legislators remain on the “front lines” in the battle to preserve the protections guaranteed by Roe v. Wade.(Reference centerwomenpolicy.org/)

So the in the 1010-2011 fiscal year, the SGK parent organization made a cash grant to an organization which lobbies state governments in favor of abortion. To support abortion is sin. That is fact, it cannot be changed. I know that SGK has also given millions to organizations like Fred Hutchinson, Memorial Sloan Kettering and $700,000 to Mt. Sinia Medical Center where my daughter was treated for Leukemia. But they also support sin and this is where a Catholic has to be careful.

The issue really isn’t sin because sin is objective and they sin by supporting abortion. What we have to do as Christians is be aware of our oen culpability to that sin. The issue for us is culpability, or how much blame we bear for the sin. We may be more or less culpable by our actions, and for me, not to support SGK is to remove all chance of being culpable to their actions and thereby called to account for it by Jesus when I stand in judgement.

In all fairness to SGK, they have cleaned up their act tremendously. Their 2004, 2005 and 2006 Audited Financial Statements look like a who’s-who of pro abortion and gay/lesbian foundations and organizations and this years statement lists mostly very prestigious research institutes and universites. But this year they also gave $200,000 to the National Lesbian Health Organization (mautnerproject.org/) and $15,000 to Family Care International (familycareintl.org/) which is heavily into promoting emergency contraception and abortion in third world nations.

We do have to be careful, we do have a right to ask, and we do have a right to call them out when they support sin. We have a right to refuse to donate when we see these things. The issue is culpability to sin, and I personally want no part in it to the extent that I can avoid it.

But the assertion that all SGK does is grants so that women can get vouchers for mammagrams simply isn’t true. It’s just not that simple.


Once again I will boycott all products with the pink ribbon on them because those products are often affiliated with Komen.

As I stated in my previous post, they have cleaned up their act tremendously and credit should be given where it is due.

If we take a boycott of SGK seriously, we would have to boycott Walmart as well because they sell contraception, withdraw our 401k from many index funds which invest heavily in the stocks of medical companies which produce equipment used in abortions, and so forth.

We can’t avoid supporting abortion, contraception, and many other sins. We can’t even buy groceries without supporting a supermarket which sells contraception. It really can’t be avoided. What has to be avoided is culpability to sin. How much blame do we bear? That is what we have to discern.

I don’t give them money and try to avoid supporting SGK directly. I also speak out when appropriate.


Tim? I never said that. I was talking about Planned Parenthood, not everyone Komen gives money to.

The point was: Komen money given to Planned Parenthood does not pay for abortions.

It is that simple.

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider. Money is fungible. Contributions to PP for mammograms free up funds to be used to fund abortion and contraception services. Any funds given to Planned Parenthood, whether directly or through grants, enable and promote abortion and contraception. Pink-ribbon feel-goodism is pernicious. There are alternative sources for breast cancer screening services for poor and needy women. Catholics who care about this issue should support healthcare entities that are faithful, or at least not contrary, to the Church’s teaching. The Komen Foundation is not one of them.

PP does not do breast exams. There is no money in it.

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