Komen Sees Big Drop in Contributions After Dispute


Susan G. Komen for the Cure saw a 22 percent drop in contributions in the year following the controversy over its decision, quickly reversed, to stop giving grants to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screenings.


2009 - Planned Parenthood provided 839312 breast exams

2010 - Planned Parenhood provided 747607 breast exams

2011 - Planned Parenthood provided 639384 breast exams

2012 - Planned Parenthood provided 549804 brest exams


This seems pretty deceptive. None of the Planned Parenthoods in my area provide ANY mammograms. At best, they provide referrals, most to places that want to be paid for their services. It’s my understanding that the grant in question was for the production of laminated self-exam cards that can be kept in the shower, and have the numbers of local Planned Parenthood centers on the back in case they want to use any of the services they DO provide.


I am not surprised that Komen has suffered in its fundraising. Its misstep on the Planned Parenthood issue managed to offend both sides of the abortion debate, while satisfying neither one.


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