Komen Sends Women to Planned Parenthood for Nonexistent Mammograms

Komen Sends Women to Planned Parenthood for Nonexistent Mammograms

Washington, DC – Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the breast cancer awareness group, is coming under criticism again – this time for referring women to the Planned Parenthood abortion business for mammograms Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide.



From the link: “‘I’m looking for a clinic where my mom could go to get a free mammogram,’ [John] Jansen wrote from his email account in late April."

She’s his mom; why should others pay for it instead of him?

Just as a reminder to this group. Susan G. Komen “For the Cure” is a major supporter for and advocate of embryonic stem-cell research.:mad: As a woman who has Stage IV (there is no Stage V) breast cancer, I will not buy anything that has the Komen name attached to it. I cannot support the idea that my care might be based on the killing of a child. :imsorry:Komen is a good example of ends justifying the means. May God open our eyes to His eternal Truth. Pax Domini :gopray2:**

Because he’s looking to expose the Koman Foundations lies.

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