Kool-Aid Stains on White Carpet!


Okay, I have kool-aid stains on my off white colored carpet from a recent party we had where the kids had those squeeze drinks (kool-aid). How do I get those stains out of the carpet?

I have tried Spot Shot, Capture (from Home Depot) and in the past I have tried Oxi-Clean at our old house on similiar stains and it didn’t even work.

Any suggestions?? Please someone help!!! Red stains on white carpet doesn’t look very pretty!!

Thanks! :thumbsup:


Red Kool Aid is the worst. I can get red wine out, but I have yet to have any luck with red Kool Aid. So, I’m waiting to hear if you get any good advice too.


I don’t know, my kids spilled orange kool-aid on grandma’s beige rug, and we tried everything, but that stain stayed for the 15 years they were in that apartment. I now think the key was to keep wetting it with cleaning solution or plain water, and blotting with towels, because I think everytime we cleaned and it looked like stain was gone, it wicked up from the padding. Maybe we were not persistent enough.

I have a better one. Take one disobedient garbage-loving beagle who eats anything, one tube of red lipstick (which of course has a petrolatum base that acts as a laxative) and a white living room carpet. ooooh, bad one.


Wow - that’s a tough one! I would suggest a good strong paste of Tide with bleach alternative (nothing with chlorine bleach, it may ruin it permanantly). Dab it on the stain so it penetrates, and let it sit with a damp rag over it (so it doesn’t dry out), then clean it up from there, maybe with a steam cleaner if you have one, or just with a damp sponge. Keep changing the water till it runs clear. I would leave it to sit for a few hours before cleaning it up and see if that works.

Good luck!!



ok–this truly works. take table salt…a lot of it…and pour it over the stain. asap. then scrub the stain with like a brush type scrubber that you would use for dishes…then, blot it with a towel…and let it dry for a while…maybe even over night. after it dries, you should be able to take a broom and dust pan, and push the salt into the pan…and it should clear it up. Good luck!:o


:yup: I have used Tide mixed with a little hot water on many stains. It got out blood and something purple on my carpet. (Never did figure out what the purple stuff was!)


if it’s really WHITE, you could try good Old fashoined Lye.

Test somewhere inconspicouos fiest
Waer gloves.

Fat fingers


So will this work even on set-in stains? Because they have been there for a couple of weeks, I’ve been trying everything on them!!


:smiley: i am a PRO at getting stains out. i use resolve magic spot remover (it comes in a red spray can…NOT the trigger spray). that stuff will take the red out of blood, if you know what i mean.:wink:

not long after we moved into our apartment, my 2 year old son decided that HE would get the pitcher of koolaid out of the fridge and bring it to me because he was thirsty. he ended up dumping it all over the carpet. after trying several different cleaners, i tried the resolve, and it literally disappeard before my eyes! i really believe it is magical!:shrug:


Honestly I’d suggest getting a lot more kool-aid and learning to love your new pink carpet :frowning:


There is a non-toxic cleaner called Kids N Pets. I haven’t tried it on Kool-Aid, but it has worked every time I’ve had to use it. I like that it is non-toxic.

If not, I second what Mirdath said. :stuck_out_tongue:


:bigyikes: I have NO clue. I still have red on my fingers from making some yesterday!

Resolve is my carpet’s best friend. It gets out even the toughest pet stains. Maybe not koolaid though…that is a beast in and of itself. I wonder what’s in that stuff…is something with that much staining power REALLY edible :confused: I don’t know but it sure tastes good and the kids will drink it and that’s what really counts isn’t it? :smiley:


Kool-Aid is commonly used to dye twine to make knotted rosaries. It is considered by some to be more effective than RIT dye.

I suggest you try a strong dolution of bleach and water. If that doesn’t work, then put a piece of furnative over it.

Good luck.


Sounds good to me. Since it worked for you, I think I will try it on a spot I gave in the dining room.


believe it or not, spray white vinegar over it to wet the stain, then pile baking soda onto it, watch it fizzle and bubble and keep adding baking soda until it doesn’t fizzle. Once the pile stops dissolving, douse the entire pile with more vinegar and let it set for a few minutes. After a few minutes of soaking, blot it up with paper towels.

I got red gatorade up with it but since it was on a brown carpet, it left a lighter spot so be careful. Hope it works for you!


White wine works for getting red wine out, so maybe it will work for Kool aid, I dunno.

I personally wonder what really is in Kool Aid. :rolleyes: Who reads the labels of those little packets?


Hair spray gets very stubborn ink out of fabrics. You might want to try some extra-super hold kind. I’ve managed to get red pen completely out of clothing.


The cheap stuff works great too! I dont know if they sell it anymore but I used to keep a can of aqua net for getting ink out. It always worked. But, I have not seen it in the stores.:frowning:


I have a can of aquanet extra-super hold right here. It’s still around and works great.


I would try Club Soda. We’ve had some red wine spills and one was REALLY BAD(that incident involved my Dog, but that’s another story!:shrug: ) and the Club Soda got it out( my carpet is light beige). The procedure is pour the club soda over the stain, then blot it real good with white paper towels or cloths. Repeat the process until you have success. It takes several applications so it can be time consuming, but the result was worth it. After I did that I hit it with some Resolve carpet cleaner. I would try that before I considered a bleach solution. Good luck:)

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