KOREA - Korean unification could cost "$ 500 billion" [AN]


Without “reliable data on North Korea’s financial and economic situations,” unification could create a shock as big as the collapse of Lehman Brothers, South Korea’s Financial Services Commission chief says. However, for South Korea, unification could be an economic “bonanza” as it combines its capital and technology with the North’s labour and natural resources. The Catholic Church fears instead that North Korean workers might become “modern slaves, underpaid and marginalised”.



As if NK citizens weren’t already enslaved and terrorized by their own government?

With enormous sorrow, I have to observe that too much of the progressive, anticapitalist Kool-Aid seems to have been enjoyed by the army of professional philosophers in the Holy Church.

In any case, unless a sinkhole conveniently opens up under the cabal now ruling NK, reunion of the country would seem not to be in the cards.



Maybe. It’s a poorly written article, though. For one, I wonder who is meant by “the Catholic Church” in “…the Catholic Church fears…” and “the Catholic Church doubts…”



I have a feeling $500 billion would be a pretty good down payment on the eventual cost, but not the total cost by a considerable amount.


Why are they so concerned with this in SK at the present time?

No-one seems to think such a reunion is in the cards.

Did West Germany have such a plan prior to 1989?



Compared to a nuclear armed North Korea run by psychopaths, $500 billion could be a real bargain. South Koreans would kick in a lot of that if given the chance.


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