Korea: Student protesters build crisp packet boat


A group of four South Korean friends fed up with crisp packets that seem to contain more air than food decided to take their complaints to the manufacturer in an unusual way - by boat.

“We often feel ripped off when we find out how small the amounts are inside the inflated containers,” one of the friends, college student Yoo Sung-ho, tells The Korea Times. To prove their point that there’s too much nitrogen gas stuffed into the foil packs, the students built a raft by tying together 160 unopened bags of potato crisps. Then two of them stepped aboard and paddled it for 1.3km (0.62 miles) across the Han River, watched by nearly 200 spectators.

Ha! I’ve always thought that bags of chips were a rip off and what a fun way to prove it! :smiley:




This made my day.


Yeahy, I remember going into a store and saying, “I’d like to buy a bag of chip, please.” :rolleyes:

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