Korea: Woman's group desecrates consecrated host, then sets it on fire, posting photos of this: "Feminists run afoul of the Church."



“The fracas began on Tuesday, when a member of Womad, an anti-male online community, uploaded an image of a sacramental wafer, regarded by believers as the body of Christ, with vulgarities against Jesus scribbled in red ink resembling blood. Other images showed the wafer being burned.”

Catholics in Korea are very upset by this.


From Thy side,pierced with a lance, blood and water issued forth until there was not left in Thy body a single drop.and finally like a bundle of myrrh lifted to the top of the cross,thy delicate Flesh, was destroyed,the very Substance of Thy Body withered… [ pieta prayer book ]


Me2, I’m totally upset. Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy.


This has nothing to do with feminism. They’re just a bunch of crazies.


For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.


“The writer of the post, who remains unknown, wrote that her parents were devout Catholics and that she had received the wafer from a priest at her local church.”

It’s unclear from the story whether or not the host was consecrated. If it was, then the priest who gave it to her and failed to make sure she consumed it is at fault. Better vigilance is needed. If it was not, then the host is just a cracker and the women’s actions would be no different then if they wrote nasty things and burned a cheap crucifix, which is still offensive but not at the same level.

I’m not sure what the local Bishops expect the Vatican to do about it. Satanists do much worse during a Black Mass. In the United States, the Bishops were able to force Satanists to return hosts they claimed were consecrated by arguing they were stolen property. I thought that was brilliant.


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