Korean Air executive 'made steward bow over nut rage'


All I can say is, wow.

Korean Air executive ‘made steward bow over nut rage’

A cabin crew chief says he was forced to kneel and ask forgiveness by the daughter of Korean Air’s chairman, before being ordered off a flight.

Heather Cho, who was an executive at the airline, was furious after being served nuts in a bag, not on a plate.

Describing the incident for the first time, the head steward said the company tried to persuade him to change his story.

The incident has sparked anger and mockery across South Korea.


All I can say is, is this woman Nuts? (Sorry, it had to be said! :D)

But seriously, that is a pretty dumb reason to have a plane grounded.


I think she has a severe case of silverspoonitis…


As a Korean myself, I am very ashamed and embarrased.


I only know that when I flew in the coach section on Korean Air the flight attendants treated all of us far better than I had ever been treated by any other airline. They offered us a choice of Korean or American style for our dinner which they included wine with at no extra charge. When the meal was over they asked if anyone wanted more wine from what was left in the bottles, again at no extra charge. The flight attendants offered us each a hot damp cloth for wiping our face with midway through the flight. And they all bowed graciously to us before and after the flight.


Yes and evidently her father agrees. He apologized and said he had failed to “bring her up properly”.



Daddy should have turned her over his knee and whalloped her good and hard and long with a hair brush. Spare the rod and spoil the child.



i think the korean ferry disaster tells us more than we need to know about how thing are done in their corporate world.


Don’t be. Every nation has it’s idiots. Sometimes they get on the front page of the newspapers.


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