Korean Air Hostess Arrested

This is probably not a very charitable or useful news post, but it appears the KAL heiress has been arrested over the “nut rage” incident on a KAL flight a few weeks ago.


When I first read the story as it happened, I couldn’t help thinking this was a prime case of “spoilt rich brat” vindictiveness. Never mind the feelings or future of the unfortunate KLM steward who was just doing his or her job!

I think she deserved the arrest, and the inevitable consequences that are going to flow from it.

Well, the incident has helped the macadamia nut market, (although not the paper bag market…)

The thread title threw me, it says “Korean Air **Hostess **Arrested”. :eek:

I’ve flown first class Kosmo sleeper suite on Korean Air seating on the second deck of the 747. I don’t remember they served nuts during pre-flight check. Same thing with United’s 747 Asia-CONUS flights. Must be a cost cutting thing.

Anyway, 40 years old shouldn’t be throwing tantrum like a 2 years old over a bag of nuts. Nuts.

It was a typo on my part. I didn’t pick it up until way too late to edit it. It should have read “Korean Air Heiress Arrested”.

I figured that after I started reading the thread. I thought at first, though, that the airline hostess also got arrested for something connected.

She must have been having a nut attack. Think she needs some help.

After reading the article, it seems she’s a scapegoat and there is some underlying power struggle.

Since the woman apologized and lost all her related jobs (deservedly), the additional fines to the airline seem vindictive and excessively punitive. Something’s rotten in Denmark.

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