Korean skating superstar 17 year old Yu-na Kim converts to Catholicism

I don’t know if any of you pay attention to current figure skating, but Yu-na Kim is the number two ranked skater in the world… She’s absolutely amazing skater, and if you haven’t heard about this girl, baring injuries you will hear about her in Vancover…

Well, Yu-na just converted to Catholicism, according to papers in Korea. This is actually a major deal in Korea, because Yu-na Kim is one of the biggest celebrities there. She’s basically considered the “national little sister” and can’t go anywhere there without being mauled by reporters, which is why she trains in Canada… LOL!

But, she has publically converted to Catholicism with her mother (her Christian name is Stella) it seems like they did it because they realized that they couldn’t rely on their own strength any more…And they needed God in their lives… Apparently, when she was really struggling with her injujries, her mom used a (Hoy nail) or something given to her by a Sister at the hosptal Yu-na get’s treatment at, and Yu-na won the free program. (She still finished 3rd by a small margin) but it was pretty amazing to them because she was so struggling, and the poor girl had been undefeated this season until that point as well.

It’s amazing how God works I guess? Here’s this girl who had these injuries (two years running) in some of the most important competitions, and brings her to the Church…Yu-na converting to Catholicism is as big deal, it would be kind of like if Brad Pitt/Lebron James converted to Catholicism here.

I hadn’t heard of her before, but that’s a great story. I’ll be more interested in watching her at the next Winter Olympics knowing she has become a Catholic. Thanks!

Good! This will probably get millions of young women to look into the faith! And hundreds of thousands of others, too.:extrahappy:

Not just young Korean girls… She’s an extremely pretty young girl, so most young Korean males want to marry her. LOL! Here is an old article about her, and how she is now training in Canada.


She’s a huge star in Korea (for all age groups) and I suspect that if she does well in Vancover, I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets attention here too.

I love to hear about stories like this especially when it deals with a young person. Let us keep this gifted lovely girl in our prayers and her mother and family.:thumbsup:

World Bronze Medalist–here’s the link:


And here’s a YouTube link from an exhibition program done a few weeks ago: ca.youtube.com/watch?v=a_8M82EnRJ0

I can’t find any links from her Worlds 2008 programs. Sorry. I know there was some controversy about the Ladies Results; the champion took a fall and still won, which is incredible under the new judging system. Also, Caroline Kostner, the Italian, was consider lackluster by many fans, and her jumps were inferior, but she still took second. I don’t remember hearing any bad press about Yu-Na Kim.

Mao’s win isn’t that controversial because Yu-na Kim did fall in the short program, so I believe that result could go either way… But Kostner should not have even been on the medal stand. Kostner is a very sweet girl, but her program was messy, and the scores she got was ridiculous. Nakano (another Japanese skater) should have been on the medal stand.

Still the fix was in, in away, there was supposedly talk before the competition, that the “Asian” invasion was bad for the sport. That North American/European audiences won’t watch as long as the Asian’s are dominating, so they latched no to Kostner. (Last year the Asians swept the podium, and they should have swept this year too) It really worries me for Yu-na because she doesn’t have a strong federation backing her, but in fairness Yu-na’s skate while very good was lackluster compared to how she normally skates. And if she hadn’t popped that jump, she would have been world champion (it was that close)

It’s sickening though because Mao and Yu-na are amazing, amazing skaters. Really probably the best this sport has every produced. (From reports, it sounds like this year Mao will pull away from the pack) They have everything, artistry and amazing jumps.
This is Mao Asada at the Four Continents (which was her best performance by far this season because she landed the Triple Axel) What Makes Mao special is her beautiful skating quality. She has lovely lines, lovely skating basics (edges soft quality to her skating) and then she has gorgeous triple/triples and while inconsistent, she can do a triple axel at times in competition! Only one other lady in the world goes for a triple axel.

And this is Yu-na Kim skating at the Cup of Russia where she earned what is still the world record score for a Free Program.
What makes Yu-na special is that she has an amazing jumping quality… Her jumps are textbook perfect,.And (better techinque than Mao’s.) She also has great speed and good basic skating (not as good as Mao’s but excellent. Yu-na’s speed is better… Her lines aren’t as good as Mao’s but she has better musicality. Skates to more different types of music. etc. Although there are times when her jumps are better than at this competition, but this program had no major mistakes.

What’s nice about Mao and Yu-na though, is that they have a friendly rivalry. Reports are that you can see both girls chatting and talking before medal cermonies, posing for pictures, and laughing together at press conferences. They are good examples for both of their countries (where there is bad blood) although the Japanese do appreciate Yu-na’s skating and she’s a household name there… If you go to youtube, though you can see the issues though between the Japanese/Korean posters… Hopefully the Olympics won’t turn into a battle of national pride. Skating is like football in Japan, and Mao can’t cross a street without being stalked by reporters. Their reporters also stalk some American skaters.

What a cool story.

A Korean girl regularly kicks my butt in Taekwondo on a daily basis.

She’s Catholic too. :smiley:

I love watching ice skating!:slight_smile:

Bae Yong Joon the Korean actor (who reportedly is Catholic) is a household name here meaning that every family member in any given house can probably name him in a photo, and recognize his name upon hearing it. Yu na Kim, Im willing to bet, is not that well known outside of skating fans.

As for figure skating being insanely popular it goes through phases. Around Olympic time any sport with a Japanese athlete that stands a chance of getting a medal becomes very popular but during the off time fans are fickle and forget about the athletes. The one sport that is constantly popular is baseball.

There is a Japanese figure skater name Fumie Suguri who went to a Catholic high school I was told, and who I saw on t.v make the sign of the cross before she stepped on the ice.

:clapping: :signofcross:

LOL Kim Yu-na just won Skate America by a huge margin. It was on tv so maybe some of you saw her. If she’s healthy the only person will be able to defeat her in Vancover is Japan’s Mao Asada…

I’ll take your word on Japan, but I know from everything I’ve heard that Kim Yu-na is most certainly a household name in Korea… The girl just took fourth in a poll for most envied faces. She’s a gorgeous girl so it gets her lot of Magazine covers, and commercials. LOL. I worry about the pressure on her shoulders tough. Japan has other amazing skaters than Mao so that takes at least some of the pressure off of Mao’s shoulders. But Poor Kim Yu-na is it for Korea so that puts a lot of pressure on her.

What an inspiring story! Thank you for posting it! :slight_smile:

awww…thats sooo amazing for an elite athlete.
i know plenty of elite athletes who come from the more feminine sports but end up doing shoots and work within literally, the porn industry. I am really impressed with this elite athlete, especially, if she isn’t taking the pill and attending mass etc on a regular basis. We need more people within the sporting field who are like Yu-na Kim.

Bump. She just won gold with a world record score that seems untouchable. Many experts are calling it the best performance in figure skating history.

It was hard to catch but you could see her making the sign of the cross while she was skating into position.

I found this - it has photos of her baptism and praying at Mass with her head veiled. Lovely!!!



She became the “untouchable” gold medalist in figure skating in Vancouver. Her conversion story is as was posted by one of the original post.

Here is some more details to the story. The doctor who is in charge of her physical therapy is a devout Catholic. When Yuna came back to Korea due to her injuries, of course the same doctor treated her. She had been going to the clinic ever since she was a young skater and was very familar with atmosphere where priests, nuns, and catechists from the parish seen often. The doctor taught catechism to the employees there and made his clinic available for church meetings and prayer groups and stuff.

While Yuna was treated there, she was converted to Catholicism with her mom and was baptised soon. The medal her mom gave Yuna before the competition was “miraculous medal” and she sowed it to the hem of her skating dress right before the competition, seeking for Mother Mary’s intercession to protect Yuna from more injuries and finishing the game safely.

Ever since she became Catholic, she is being seen making sign of cross and kissing her rosary ring.

Yes it is amazing how God works. He works through our weakness. When she makes the sign of the cross I am sure she is praying that God to be there with her. What a witness.

Glory be to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,


She seems like a very sweet kid. My son is a 17 year old Korean as well. Anyone have her number? :wink:

I think this is awesome! I don’t even care that she’s not American! I hope she wins many more events! :slight_smile:

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