"Kosovo Crypto-Catholics Quit Closet" (Catholics in Moslem area come out of centuries of hiding)

A sister chants they have come out of darkness, at the beginning of this article. After the Ottoman Turks, Moslems, conquered their country 600 years ago, they began practicing their faith in secret, for centuries.
see www.france24.com/en/20120810-kosovo-crypto-catholics-quit-closet

This is very interesting. :slight_smile:

Let us pray for all Christians in muslim-occupied countries.

Lord, shephard of all,
grant peace and safety to those who struggle
under the yoke and oppression of the mohammadian.
May they worshop You without fear
May their nations become once again free
May the law of their land be Your law
May Your hand rest upon them
Until the Hagia Sophia and all occupied churches
Ring again with the praise of Your holy name.


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