Kourtney Kardashian considered an abortion


Not sure where this type of story should go. My prayers that her child never have to see this article that his mommy had to think long and hard if he deserved to live. I thank God she choose life, but I believe the Kardashian family is catholic and find it so distressing that this woman has no problem discussing the merits of how her lifestyle should bear any weight on if another person gets to live.


I think what has happened here is the fact that there is a second option present for women who are pregnant. And it’s that option that is destroying the fabric of life that God intended to be. It’s so easy for some who are so open minded (which can be such a dangerous thing, because think about what people intend to be open minded about: mainly everything against God’s Will) to say oh, get an abortion, one less thing to worry about.:eek: People are selfish and that’s what it leads to. Selfishness. I really do understand those who found themselves in a terrible situation, regardless of the situation life has been created. LIFE! The problem is is that there is no support for these women to embrace them and help them spiritually. They are hurting. But not too many people say keep it. KEEP IT? IT??? When has LIFE become demoted like that? I look at these people making the laws, and I wonder as abstract as the question may be, how would they feel if one of their mothers found themselves in a situation like that, and was about to abort them. Do they think like that? Here they are, living up life, yet there life may have been endangered. So why do they still get first dibs on life? While encouraging others to abort because of the situation. Oh come on!:eek: Once that idea has been offered that’s when women begin to think. It’s thinking that has become dangerous. That lady you were talking about had to think it over? That’s the terrible effect of offering such an idea.

I am so happy she is going to have the baby. Now that baby will enjoy life. LIFE. What God intended to be.:highprayer:

I am glad that this lady did not abort her child. However, she did sort of imply that if she were younger and did not have as much money it would be okay for her to do it. One baby’s life is worth more than anothers based on economic class I guess :shrug:

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