Kramer Is A Racist


Michael Richards, also known as “Kramer” on Seinfeld, was on stage at The Comedy Connection the other night and was filmed and heard stating how the N word toward blacks are horrible people. Mr. Richards is Jewish, and kept saying “N-----” and said " 50 years ago, we would of shoved a fork up you". Several black people had walked out of the show and were disgusted. The whole scene is on
Now when the Jewish people made a stink over Mel Gibson’s supposed anti-semitic remark, they just tortured him for an apology. Even when he gave it, it was not enough.
The Comedy Connection invited Mr. Richards back on Saturday to apologize in which he didn’t.
The Nation of Islam was on television this morning demanding an apology. We’ll see how this one goes, and he was sober…


Michael Richards publicly apologized for his racist tirade in an appearance on "The Late Show," but acknowledged that such sentiment had the potential to “come[s] through and fire[s] out of me.” He tried to find an awkward parallel between his ugly rant and conflict that has arisen between blacks and whites since Hurricane Katrina.


Have you seen the segment? It was a direct hit on the black people. I don’t think you could justify what he said at all. He may have apologized on The Late Show, but he needs to apologize to the black people. period.


Nope…I did not see the segment…I did read the excerpts though.
Yes he did attack (verbally) the African American people in the audience…he did apologize…what more would you like him to do…make slavery reparation???
Also I was not justifing anything…just pointing out that he has aplogized for his comments.


Point being, so didn’t Mel…


I think there is a saying I saw on this forum before,

“F…Him”-----------“Forget him”!

It fits here too.:wink:


yeah Mel apologized to…so what…they both have apologized…lets move on…


People sin. :slight_smile:
Yes, let’s move on.


All I wanted to do was prove a point in which Karin you do not understand. Mel Gibson was torured by saying something he shouldn’t have, in private to one person.
The Jews were all over him for it. But now it is turned around and coming from somebody Jewish, well we’ll see how much publicity this one gets.

If you haven’y seen the segment, you cannot comment on it.
It’s really disgusting.


You raise a good point, and one that is going to be ignored by a few people I’m sure.

My wife brought up the Mel Gibson comparison, and it will be very interesting to see how Richards is treated. I think, however, that we already know that he will not be given as hard a time, despite the fact that what he said was:

1 – In PUBLIC.
2 – Not under the influence of alcholol.

As to the reasons why Gibson and Richards are played out differently, I’m sure that’s going to be ignored as well.


so you think the difference is that one is a jew and the other is a catholic that is why the different treatment ?
Could it be that slurs against jews are more offensive in society than slurs against blacks? At least that is how I see it!


This is prolle cuz not everyone knows he’s Jewish. I, for one didn’t know. I’m guessing this is more a case of “white guy trashes black people” in the public eye.


I didn’t know he was Jewish either til this thread.

I just watched the clip on youtube, as tmz said it was unavailable.

Aside from the obvious racial slurs, foul language, and violet demeanour, it was the most unprofessional display of a performer I have ever seen.

He gets paid a fortune (I am assuming) and should know how to control his anger when heckled, and how to even heckle back (politely) and include it in his routine ad-lib.

No professional performer of his calibre should lose their cool like that, racist or not.


“Stick a fork” in his career as a public performer. He needs to get a real job, he probably knows it, and let his frustration over it get the best of him.



I knew there was someone here who knew exactly what I meant…:thumbsup:


So society is racist agaist blacks then? :confused:


I dont know what do you think?:rolleyes:




I agree. I also think that Seinfeld has a finacial interest in how this pans out.

This show is in syndication and if its trashed due to this event----

He did make it clear he did not approve of this “horrible” mistake, and I hope its genuine and not because he fears finacial losses…


which part the race or religion issue?

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