Kriya meditation?

I’ve recently started seeing a therapist for anxiety/phobias and he has suggested I practice kriya meditation. The suggestion came after I told him I took time every morning to read the bible before I started my day. He suggested these breathing excercises while I mediated on gospel verses, specifically on verses spoken by Jesus. As a catholic, I’m not sure if this is something the church approves of. On,y reason this makes me a little nervous is because he spoke about a higher level of spirituality and how this is true Christianity. Anybody have any insight?? I appreciate all answers!! Thanks :slight_smile:

He probably means Kyrie. It is a prayer meditation I think he is recommending. “Kyrie eleison” means “Lord have mercy.” in Latin. God bless you. I think you should try it.

Quick google search provided this information. Seems a bit loony, and definitely not Christian.

If the website I found has any stock, it’s an ancient meditation practice that Jesus did, but it was revealed more recently by “Lord Krishna”

Vade retro, Satana

As in Yoga?

You can e-mail your question to Sue Brinkmann on Women of Grace’s New Age Blog. There is a link at the top of the blog to use to ask your question. You can also search the blog, but I only found one mention of Kriya and I’m not sure if that is what you are talking about.

You might also be interested in Sounds as though you are not comfortable with your therapist.

May Christ’s peace be with you.

Actually… that’s Greek. And as other posters have pointed out, he did not mean Kyrie at all.

Latin. We sang Kyrie eleison as part if a price named “Three Contemporary Latin” in middle school.

Nope, Greek. It’s Greek written with Latin letters. It’s used at the Latin Mass so it’s possible someone thought it was Latin but I speak Latin and I can assure you it’s Greek.

I’m pretty sure the Greek’s would disagree with you.

It’s only as Latin as “je ne sais quoi” or “au contraire” are English. :wink:

My teacher lied! :eek: Sorry, I was told it was Latin when we sang it, and have only heard it used with Latin, so I tho it it was. I guess this is what I get when I try to show off. :o

Well, at least, now you know:! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you all for your responses. He actually wrote down the word kriya and did say “kriya yoga”. But talked about Jesus teaching these method to the disciples. So I’m really confused! :slight_smile:
I guess I just have to do a little more research.

No. Kriya meditation is not the same as “Kyrie”. It’s a hindu spiritual exercise.

Kriya Yoga is a meditation technique. Kriya is sanskrit for ‘to do’.

It is a technique that helps us withdraw the life force from the outer reaches of our consciousness, into the spine and then to the thousand petalled lotus in the crown chakra.

Very powerful.

You could also do Christian meditation, such as in Lectio Divina and Quiet Prayer.

PM me if you want more information about Quiet Prayer.


I like your quote at the bottom of your posts - “God can not be grasped except through love.”

When we tune into the love vibration, we can experience some of that bliss the saints and mystics talk about. But it is often a challenge to go through the chattering mind… :slight_smile:

That’s where some of these techniques come in. There are ways to shut off the mind.

In “Quiet Prayer,” we don’t attempt to shut off the mind per se, for it’s not possible anyway, but to slow down the our thought patterns and to eliminate the erroneous thoughts which take us out of our prayer.

Our desire is being in the presence of God dwelling within, not the experience in of itself. For being in God’s presence is enough and the grace received in His presence, is the transforming grace of divine love.


It actually is possible, Jim, to shut off the mind, in the aspect of thinkiing, to varying degrees and depending on one’s trainiing, and ability to go beyond breath, as well as devotion - that’s one of the aims of kriya yoga. Jnana Yoga, as for instance in the path of Ramana Maharshi, is another way to achieve the oneness we all deeply crave.

‘When thine is single, thy whole body shall be full of light’

Union with God is the purpose of yoga, particularly the spiritual forms of yoga such as kriya yoga (raja yoga).

I know this is a Catholic Forum and I do not want to stir the pot in a controversial way - but I just felt it important to add the above. .

Shutting off the mind in the aspect of thinking I believe is misunderstood. The mind is still active, but in the present moment, not giving commentary to thoughts that come into the mind.

In the Christian perspective of meditation, being in the presence of God dwelling with in, resting in His presence, is the focus of intention.

The only experience is God’s presence and His love. Whatever comes out of that, is through love, not through the method or technique of meditation.

The method, opens us up to God’s presence, but in of itself is not the cause.


Agreed, different terms are used here.

However, in Christian meditation, so is the focus of intention, which is Christ centered.


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