Krugman Wins Economics Nobel

The prize committee cited Mr. Krugman for his “analysis of trade patterns and location of economic activity.”

Mr. Krugman, 55, is probably more widely known for his Op-Ed columns in which he has been a perpetual thorn in President Bush’s (and now John McCain’s) side. His columns have won him both strong supporters and ardent critics.

The prize, however, was awarded for the academic — and less political — research that he conducted primarily before he began writing regularly for The Times.

No, he didn’t get it for his political work.

I said this before about Paul Krugman:

Krugman would never do that – he is like a saint – a secular version of Dorothy Day.

I hope Alan Guth wins a Nobel Prize in -]Economics/-] Physics for discovering a form of hyperinflation which occured during the beginning of the universe in a few years.

Krugman would never do that – he is like a saint – a secular version of Dorothy Day.

Interesting observation, do you have any support for this hypothesis?

Have you read his Op-eds? It shows that he cares for the poor.

I have not usually read his Op-eds, mainly because I do not get the New York Times, which I believe is where he publishes them. As an economist however, I am more interested in what he does rather than what he says. Certainly he can write op eds about the poor and that can be good or bad, depending on the quality of his analysis. However, the question we need to ask is how many poor people does he know? Does he help the poor financially? If we want to compare him to Dorothy Day, these are some of the questions we would need to answer.

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