KT McFarland says FBI tried to ‘trap' her on perjury charge

Ah. Thank you. I knew it was something like that.

The question is enforcement, not " destroy you."
You describe a system where extrordinary discretion occurs ( if Dershowitz is right).Discretion not to prosecute.
Government does target, but rarely people of wealth and power directly from an incoming regime.
Maybe you didn’t notice:
Everyone who had a Trump related investigation tossed on their desk has been ruined by the machine.
IGs who do real oversight are fired because they are not biased and loyal( currupt from an IG standpoint)
Witnesses who were nearly lifelong diplomats, decorated vets, destroyed for testifying truthfully under oath.
And pure power giving special treatment, like Flynn.

I waited over 30 years of a constant drumbeat of ," this time we got them" , with the Clinton’s. A giant industry existing just to attack them.
So forgive me for saying, I will wait to see. No more false and unproven political allegations

Yet look what “they” have put President Trump through–4 years worth and where is the gotcha? And people are so willing to believe the worst about him too!

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