Kundalini awakening

It has been stated by some Catholics,priests and monks included, that the Hindu experience of kundalini awakening is actually an impartation of the Holy Spirit. From my studies this same experience of bliiss, love, and light is also experienced by kabbalist mystics, gnostic luciferians,and those touched by Todd Bentley and others in certain charismatic movements.

Is it at all feasible that this dormant serpent power that supposedly lies at the base of the spine is the third person of the Blessed Trinity?? I am having a hard time reconciling these claims with the writings of the catechism,especially the fact that the Spirit is imparted at Baptism and then given in full after we are sealed by the bishops hands at Confirmation.

It has been stated by some Catholics,priests and monks included, that the Hindu experience of kundalini awakening is actually an impartation of the Holy Spirit.

Who are these Catholics, priests and monks?

**Statue of Jesus in a Catholic Seminary (Dharmaram , Bangalore- India) **

God is the God of all people, races, nations and cultures. We all want spiritual awakening or in other words liberation. We all want God to heal our blindness, heal our deafness, make us able to walk, and break the chains that bind us. We all want to have a pep in our step and return to our original state before sin. “Redemption!”

I don’t think we should be so suspicious. The Holy Spirit can enlighten any willing or desiring soul. That is why they have a term “baptism of desire.” Every single human being was made to “know, to serve, and to love God.” It is our nature and purpose to experience God’s presence and Love. We shouldn’t be surprised that every religion has SOME understanding of the movements of the Holy Spirit.

I do not know enough to question how God works in others.

I am deeply grateful that God, through revelation of Himself, has spoken to us through His Word, Jesus Christ, Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.

I respect the inquiry of others who have not been privy to His Divine Revelation to man.

In looking to the Lord and the teachings of His Church, and His holy saints, I am confident that He will lead me, according to His Way.

Nor do any of us. :slight_smile:

However, I do know enough to be certain that as Catholics we are not to exchange theological concepts from other religions (particularly non-Christian ones) in a way that treats them as equivalencies with Catholic terms. I’m sure that warning should be particularly applied to terms borrowed from any non-monotheistic religion.

The fact that there are indeed many common threads among what are reported as mystical or spiritual experiences by believers of various religions does not offer even “pirests and monks” an opportunity to reclassify Catholic systematic theology. It’s irresponsible to apply such terms, unless some very general, broad speculation was involved. I would prefer to read actual statements/citations first.

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Statue of Jesus in a Catholic Seminary (Dharmaram , Bangalore- India)

  1. This picture that’s posted here is just a depiction of Jesus, potrayed according to a particular culture, here the Indians; hence the distinct way in which the Lord is shown to be seated .

2)The ancient Indian’s were known to take this posture to meditate /pray ( in western cultures we find people kneeling etc)

3)Just like this picture you will see the essence of different cultures also imbibed in how the Holy Mass is celebrated in 3 Rites namely the Latin Rite, the Syro Malabar Rite, and Syro Malankara Rite- all 3 are recognized by the Pope as part of the catholic church.

4)The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God, holy and pure . If you were to experiece an interior awakening it is not because of a so called “kundalini awakening” , rather it is so because He chooses you to know His presence…

5)Remember there are very few who are able to clearly distinguish between what comes from God & what doesn’t.

6)Even Saints like Padre Pio for example were always known to test these feelings or
visions to confirm if they come from God or the devil. Because Satan can easily
disguise as an Angel of Light!!

7)No wonder diabolical attacks are what he specializes in…so don’t fall for these stories…God’s choice of giving you an awakening is His independent decision and not the result of the deeds or actions our defeated enemyl

God Bless! :slight_smile:

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Please read the above quote as orignally posted by “cjforJesus” not “Lady Love”

My apologies. :shamrock2:

Thomas Keating, who has inspired many evangelical contemplatives like Henri Nouwen, Richard Foster1, and Brennan Manning, 2 wrote the foreword to Philip St. Romain’s book, and in it, Keating acknowledges that kundalini is the same as Christian contemplation. He states:

Since this energy [kundalini] is also at work today in numerous persons who are devoting themselves to contemplative prayer, this book is an important contribution to the renewal of the Christian contemplative tradition. It will be a great consolation to those who have experienced physical symptoms arising from the awakening of kundalini in the course of their spiritual journey … Most spiritual disciplines world-wide insist on some kind of serious discipline before techniques of awakening kundalini are communicated. In Christian tradition … the regular practice of the stages of Christian prayer … contemplation are the essential disciplines…

This quote is not posted to criticize true contemplative prayer but as an example of equating the holy Spirit with kundalini.


Phil St. Romain does not equate kundalini awakening with the Holy Spirit. You can visit his website and forum, shalomplace.org, for numerous discussions of this topic.

The quote from Keating sounds pretty clear to me. He wrote the forward to the book.

Contemplative prayer is a gift not something that is passed from one person to another by a touch as in kundalini shaktipat.

In Chapter one I attempted to convey the raw data pertaining to the experience I eventually came to call kundalini-- Philip St Romain. How much clearer does he have to be!

Hi CJ—If you ask Phil St. Romain to clear up for you what Thomas Keating and Phil himself mean, I’m sure he’ll be happy to do so. Go right to the author of the book—Phil on the Shalomplace forum, for a definitive answer as to what he meant. He welcomes questions.

You are ignoring the actual words of these people! Gurus call shakti a force and others say it is an INTELLIGENT force.If it is NOT the Holy Spirit then what is it?? It must be a conterfeit force or as many say a gateway for demons.

CJ—I’m not ignoring the actual words of these people. I’ve been on the Shalomplace forum for over three years, and, as I said, this topic has often been discussed. If it would help, I can ask Phil and other posters there to address your concerns on a brief thread, and then link it to this thread…or you could register there and ask Phil yourself, of course.

FWIW, I don’t experience kundalini symptoms myself except for a few unusual experiences, and I don’t think it’s anything to seek after in any manner. I just don’t believe it’s demonic, however.

I think you’re justified to have some concerns and ask questions, but Phil and others have given this issue years of thought, and they can best answer your questions in their own words.

Kundalini manifests all three Persons of the Holy Trinity. In that kundalini is a truth, it is God, and Catholic. It is nothing more than the movement of the eternal soul within the temporal body, and the way each and every created person will eventually come to the Beatific Vision.

You are claiming this serpent power which resides in our tail bone is God?? Can you give any references in the catechism for this odd belief?The people who are granted the beatific vision are holy saints and i believe they do not experience seeing God until after death.

There is a very strong undercurrent to these beliefs that promote reincarnation which is heresy.

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I have a very strong intuition that this whole thing has a demonic base as satan often masquerades as an angel of light.

the luciferic rebirth,the kabbalist mysticim and todd bentley charismatic movement all experience the same thing as kundalini shakti. Shakti is said to be a feminine power and if people try to equate this with the purity of the Blessed Mother,God help them. Mary will crush the head of this serpent.


No, cj, I said that kundalini is true, and as such is God, because God is truth. That the word doesn’t appear in Public Revelation doesn’t make it any less true, just that the faithful are not obligated to believe it.

Yes, a person has to die in order to see God face to face, but that in no way means the blessed don’t ever come back. Even so, even unrepentant sinners will behold the Beatific Vision for the last judgement, and the pathway to doing so regardless of the state of grace of their souls is what has been named “kundalini.”

Your statement about reincarnation and heresy is not germane to kundalini. Just ask the sister of your catechism where exactly the soul resides in the body.

You are seriously in error on this. Kundalini is a wrong path.The only way to the Father is through Jesus,and Jesus is not a serpent He died for your sins,my friend,

It is appointed for ALL men to die once. We do not come back as another body,that is pure heresy! Heaven purgatory and hell.Hell is freely chosen by rejecting God and the redemption bought by Jesus.

No thank you.I prefer to stick with Holy Mother church and the catechism.All the saints say the same thing that obedience is the key not running after doctrines of demons. peace to you

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