Kurds retake Christian villages from Iraq jihadists


ARBIL, Iraq: Kurdish peshmerga forces on Tuesday recaptured seven Christian villages in northern Iraq in clashes with Islamic State (IS) jihadists, an officer and a cleric said.dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2014/Sep-16/270889-kurds-retake-christian-villages-from-iraq-jihadists.ashx#axzz3DVHuSlie

                          Good work from the Peshmerga. I don't think this area really needs anymore countries becoming involved, and the tide is already being turned against Isis. The last thing it needs is the Saudis, Qataris, Turks, and Americans.


I hope they have plenty of lysol and holy water!



from the article:

“We liberated those villages with the support of US aircraft,” Major Sardar Ali said, referring to the Nineveh plains area between Arbil and Mosul, the main IS hub in Iraq.

Read more: dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2014/Sep-16/270889-kurds-retake-christian-villages-from-iraq-jihadists.ashx#ixzz3DWDPjocT
(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News :: dailystar.com.lb)


Who are the Kurds?

They seem to be rather conservative religiously, but they are one of the most reliable allies to civil society that exist in that region, from the sounds of it.

There are many scenarios a lot worse than a Greater Kurdistan coming to the fore in Syria and Iraq, and maybe in Turkey and Iran too.


It seems to me that if the Kurds bear the brunt of the ground war against ISIS, it’s going to be hard for the international community to resist a Kurdish demand for an autonomous homeland.

They’ve been a thorn in the side of other countries themselves - Iraq and Turkey in particular, and have carried out their own share of brutal action in the past. I hope that if they help to destroy ISIS, some resolution is also reached about the issue of Kurdish autonomy. The trouble is that some other nation would have to cede sovereignty over some of its territory.

I can’t see Turkey doing it, but I can see the US applying pressure on Iraq to do so.


How are the Kurds conservative religiously? Aren’t there female Peshmerga fighters? That doesn’t sound conservative by Muslim standards.


I don’t equate conservatism in Islam with jihadism. In fact, Islamism is heavily influenced by the Western left, much like Liberation Theology has been.

I equate conservatism in Islam with devotion and strong families and the like.


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