Kurt Russell : Actors Shouldn't Talk Politics

I think it hurts Hollywood actors/actresses and it lowers the movie attendance at a time when Hollywood is trying to stay prime while streaming services such as Netflix produce their own movies.

I am sure he will get blowback for his remarks.


I always liked Kurt Russell and he seemed to be more sensible than many Hollywood actors. Glad he is continuing on that path.


If you have a platform for change, might as well use it and not just sit on your money.

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I disagree. Actors have just as much right to express political views as roofers, dentists, or mechanics. They just shouldn’t expect some special deference or importance attached to their views because they’re actors.

It’s like, great, you’re a good actor. I’ll happily watch you act. It doesn’t mean I’m going to view you as having special insight on the estate tax or foreign policy or whatever.


The problem being is that most actors are taught, from early training, that they and theatre arts as a whole are the single most important driving force in any social change. A “without us, ____ wouldn’t happen.”


Well, and the problem is that the public feeds into it. We’d all be better off treating celebrity opinions not with automatic disdain but just with the same level of indifference we have to any other stranger’s musings.

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Yeah, and they are encouraged in that sort of thinking by political parties that wish to exploit them for political fundraising and influence purposes.

I think what Kurt is getting at is that the public are often unable to divide the actor’s personal opinions from his work as an actor. If you want maximum versatility as an actor, you’re best off keeping your private life, thoughts etc private. It’s a reasonable opinion. Of course, if your goal is to be the next Reagan or Heston, you’ll choose differently.


Actors can express their political views anytime they want and I can decide how to spend my entertainment dollars.

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I think we already do dismiss celebrity self-importance. That’s why Ricky Gervais keeps getting invited back to the Golden Globes to trash the celebrities and their politicking.


As long as they agree with me :smirk:


That’s the whole point. It should not be “a platform for change” and rich people should not be buying in the government they like.


This is the real crux of the issue, I think. For some reason some people think of celebrities less as artists and more as friends. So when their “friend” expresses an opinion they dislike, it really rattles them. If you bear in mind that actors and musicians are just producers of a product (ie entertainment) and not people with whom you have a personal connection, it becomes easier not to care. I don’t care what my plumber thinks about politics or religion; I just want him to fix my sump pump. Likewise, some of my favorite actors/musicians are people I probably wouldn’t want to hang out with in real life.

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Yeah, this is similar to the situation in that Harry Potter thread Jharek posted, where people are deciding to not read their books any more because they can’t handle Rowling’s ideas about gender.

I’m happy that I grew out of being concerned about what my “idols” thought after high school. As for celebrities being somebody’s pretend friends, if I were a celeb I’d find that terrifying.


I already find my own celebrity on CAF difficult to bear. I grow weary of the legions of adoring fans.


Thanks for the restraining order Roland. It shows me that you do care


Many do not find it terrifying but feel empowered by it and that they are leading the change to a better world especially women actresses on abortion rights.

What becomes a problem is when the media presses actors to pick a side as the did with Robert Downey Jr. and he walked out of the interview. That was years ago.

Recently they went after Chris Pratt because he is a Christian and attends church but says he never gets involved in politics. His fellow actors who work with him in the Marvel series singled him out in a series of nasty tweets.

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I did appreciate the collage you made me out of human hair. Very touching.


Not quite.
I refuse to.

I have to keep silent of my own political views for the benefit of my clients.
I expect the same from others.

Should actors have a problem with that, I have a problem spending money on their work.

Why is Kurt Russell talking about politics?

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Well, in our cult of personality culture, if Brad Pitt is seen eating Grape Nuts, it seems that half the nation is eating Grape Nuts. Kurt stands by his beliefs, having walked off of “The View” when he saw that dialog was unproductive and forced into the political.

As well, if he expresses his views openly, he will likely never work in Hollywood again. Same with James Woods and James Caan.

“Russell is a hunter and a staunch supporter of gun rights, and said that gun control will not reduce terrorism. He is also an FAA-licensed private pilot holding single/multi-engine and instrument ratings, and is an Honorary Council Member of the humanitarian aviation organization Wings of Hope.”

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