Kuwait imposes visa ban on five Muslim-majority nations including Pakistan


Kuwait imposes visa ban on five Muslim-majority nations including Pakistan indiatvnews.com/news/world-kuwait-imposes-visa-ban-on-five-muslim-majority-nations-including-pakistan-367402


It is a defensive action for them. They are a small country, had been invaded and conquered, vulnerable to Islamic terrorism and therefore have to protect themselves against being infiltrated by terrorist extremists. Perhaps this is the reason why they are not on the banned list by the Trump administration.


Every sovereign nation on the planet has a right to decide who they let cross their borders.


To be consistent, don’t the same people that have come out against Trump’s executive order have to come out against what Kuwait has done? When will the first protest march be?



Now if only President Trump would hurry up and ban “Osama’s sanctuary”, Pakistan, as well. :slight_smile:


Yes, where are those protesters so concerned about refugees that no one else can possibly care more than them. Where are the protests for Kuwait? Surely this is an injustice, right? I mean, you don’t want a good opportunity to protest to go to waste?


That sounds too logical for the left! :smiley:


No the left whether for better or worse believes in relativism (at least when it suits them). :shrug:

Although - it’s probably worth pointing out too that protests against the EO in the United States, were because of the policy OF the United States: which primarily seems to include banning immigration from the seven Middle-Eastern Muslim-majority countries with which the Trump Organisation does or has not done business, and not Saudi Arabia, who actually do sponsor Islamic terrorism (for the sake of charity only, I’ll assume unwittingly). I’m not a friend to the left but I will support anyone who is willing to point out the hypocrisies.


Glad to see Trump’s good example of nations putting their own protection first is being followed.


So it’s still trumps fault??? LOL




Something happens, blame Trump. Kind of like a Pavlovian response.


I wouldn’t say “blame Trump” I would say “”“Give him credit”"". He is a true leader!!!, God Bless, Memaw




I did not vote for the man, but I can say he is doing exactly what he promised.




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