KYRGYZSTAN - Kyrgyzstan “on the verge of civil war”, vulnerable to Islamist infiltration [AN]

Russian President Medvedev warns about the danger of civil war, calls on ousted President Bakiyev to resign. The country is split and many fear civil strife might favour infiltration by Muslim extremists.


The Russians are at it again. Kyrgyzstan is more like a puppet of Russia with all its mass media outlets controlled by the Russians. The “rebellion” was incited by the Russians displeasure with the the leadership of Kyrgyzstan.

I don’t doubt what you’re saying. Still, I’m very glad the “stans” are on Russia’s borders instead of ours.

Bakiyev , the deposed leader, has fled to Kazakhstan, reportedly after signing a letter of resignation. The president of Kazahkstan says that the US and Russia were both involved in facilitating this move.

However, Bakiyev was accompanied only by his wife and two children. The new Kyrgyz government reportedly is moving to arrest Bakiyev’s brothers, who were part of the previous government.

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