Kyrie Eleison


I went to Mass were when it was time for the deacon to say the Kyrie Eleison the book bearer held the book for him just like they do the priest. Does anyone know what book they may have been holding for him. I couldn’t find any of what he says in the same book that is held for the priest (Missal).


He was holding the missal.


Was a Missal, because:

  1. He didn’t know how to say it properly and needed the book.
  2. He was looking at the musical setting. or
  3. The parish habitually uses the Missal, which is a nice touch.


any idea were it is in the Missal I couln’t find it.


This is found in the “Introductory Rite”. However, there are many versions, settings, of the Mass parts that are not in the missal. I have a liturgical binder that I use depending on which priest I am with determins which form I use or if I do anything at all. Some of the priests do all of the intro parts of the Mass.


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