Kyrie Irving flat earth genius!

Now I don’t think it was only about fake news, but I also think it’s a commentary about subjective truth in modern thought. A great example of realitivism.
I think the guy is incredibly smart.

I think all the people who fall for the idea that he believes a flat earth so miss the point that it proves we are a people who can’t decide what male or female is, what marriage is, and if the earth is even round!!!

I may not agree with his politics but the move and statement was one of the most brilliant I’ve ever seen! Kudos to Irving!


sounds legit


If your whole world is a 94 ft by 50 ft basketball court, I am sure it seems flat. Mr Irving knows something about his world, but I will not be seeking his opinions about matters outside that world.


Really!? That’s odd. Why not?


Throw in a flat sun and a flat moon and I’m in.


I doubt that this is about defined categories and classifications; I think that this is about facts and our amazing ability to support falsehood over fact and spread it through social media.

It is about things like size of inaugural crowds, the 3-5 million votes form illegal aliens, the bus trips to NH for illegal voting, the US murder rate, the "Bowling Green"massacre, what happened last night in Sweden, the 306 electoral votes in the biggest victory since Reagan, the lack of coverage of terrorist attacks, where terrorists in the US come from, what recent refugee vetting profiles have been, climate science denial etc., etc., etc.

It is about about the inability of people, informed through the internet, to hold to the truth.


Having played in Europe the USA and rio, he has been to more hemispheres than most of us
Not to mention that private jets usually fly higher than comercial. He has a good perspective.


Yeah, or climate change.

Both sides are guilty


That globe my grandma gave me is a lie


In more ways than one. It’s probably perfectly round, the earth is not. It’s also probably flat surfaced or at least the topography is not to scale,

Also if it has a border between the USA and Mexico…


I think earth is more of what we would call a “spheroid” (sorry for the spelling). I think it may not be to scale either.


Actually the SCOTUS did decide what marriage is on June 26, 2015 and President Donald J Trump has said it is a settled.


Well last yr when they won the world title, the Cavs slogan was “All In”.


Chelsea Clinton did tweet if the Bowling Green massacre terrorists were found in Sweden? :thumbsup:


Yes, chaos, and absurdity abounds on both sides.


Oh, I am so relieved the SCOTUS cleared that up for us.
After all they are the experts.
Just ask Dred Scott.


Pax Christi!

It’s not flat! It’s hollow!

And the moon’s on the inside!

Don’t get me started…

God bless!


Or ask President Donald Trump why it is settled.


My cousin is really into this stuff. Apparently gravity doesn’t exist either, but the earth is accelerating upwards at 9.8 m/s squared. Also there’s something called an anti moon which is what we see whenever there’s a lunar eclipse. Not the earth’s shadow.

It’s weird.


You are undercutting your own argument
Unless you believe Trump is the expert here!:rotfl:.

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