Kyrie question


Often at Sunday Mass we either sing the Kyrie:

Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison, Kyrie eleison,

or we say it in English.

Today however it was done differently and I don’t know what the words were.

The priest said, Kyrie, Kyrie, _____ ______ (I don’t know what the two blank words were).

The last word sounded a bit like eleison but I don’t think it was exactly that word, although it could have been.

Sorry if this is totally confusing :confused: :o


Today I attended a Spanish language mass and the Kyrie prayer recited by the priest lasted at least 30 seconds. My Spanish is not good enough to tell you what it consisted of but it lasted a long time and was repeated several times. I would love to know what this was about and why it was different on this particular Sunday.


That’s okay. As long as God understands why you’re there.


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