L.I. Church Holds Rosh Hashanah Services After Flood At Jewish Center

Wonder if you’ve ever read the Parable of the Good Samaritan? Any idea at all what it’s about?

I thought it was wrong to the Church. Catholicism is the fullness of the Truth; therefore all other religions fall short of the Truth.

I get that we should be respectful, but I still struggle with having a non-Catholic worship service in a Catholic parish hall. Although it gives the impression that it is the nice thing to do, I think it also sends the message that it’s okay to be Jewish…no need to be Catholic.

I wonder…were Catholic paintings, crucifixes, etc also taken down?

Gestures of kindness like this typically are more likely to inspire people to convert, not convince them they don’t need to. Recent history is littered with people, especially the Jewish, who were so thankful for some kindness shown them by Catholics when times were tough that they converted.

I wonder…were Catholic paintings, crucifixes, etc also taken down?

Likely covered, if anything, as is done during lent. But the parish halls I’m used to don’t really have anything more than a single crucifix.

Yes, that’s what Catholics believe in Faith. No one except Catholics need believe that…

I think it also sends the message that it’s okay to be Jewish…no need to be Catholic.

Yes, you are correct. It’s quite okay to be Jewish, and conversion is not necessary.


I’m thinking, “Do unto others as you would have them to unto you.”
If it was Christmas or Easter and my parish was flooded, I would be grateful if a rabbi offered for us to use their synagogue to celebrate Mass. I would be even more grateful if the rabbi didn’t require me to convert to Judaism in order to do that.

:thumbsup: I was thinking this exact same thing.

Just one quick point: The traditional Jewish concept isn’t that everyone needs to be Jewish. As per the Bible, we are a nation- not a religion. We don’t believe that one must be from the nation of Israel in order to be a good, holy, saintly person- with a share in the world-to-come. Conversely, we believe that one can be Jewish and be evil.

Our concept is that like an orchestra, not everyone is a violinist, a trumpet player, etc. Were that the case, then the music would sound flat. Each has his or her role to play, and if each plays it properly; separately but in tune with his/her neighbor, then the result is beautiful music; for G-d’s glory.

This thread has helped restore my faith in the general goodness of humanity.

I agree with you. I was being sarcastic in my post. I was getting a bit frustrated with some posts on this thread that feel a bit uncharitable to me.

That’s also how you let in the poison in! Spreading like a virus infecting everything. Basically what Vatican II did allowing the poison to enter into the church.

This is a wonderful story and the good priest showed proper exercise of the Golden Rule. This is what neighbors do to help each other in crisis. It is a good and proper ecumenical gesture, a good tool to evangelize to the community at large.

Under the right circumstances, I would support such a thing. I think living with each other in charity is more conducive to dialogue and evangelism than jihads and crusades.

From Bl. John Paul II:

[LEFT]5.But, at the same time and in the same breath, I am ready to acknowledge that Catholics have not always been faithful to this affirmation of faith. We have not been always “peacemakers”.
For ourselves, therefore, but also perhaps, in a sense, for all, his encounter at Assisi is an act of penance. We have prayed, each in his own way, we have fasted, we have marched together.


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