L. Ron Hubbard's "Xenu" story.

In lieu of the recent Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce, I perked a particular interest in finding out what this Scientology stuff is all about. I have heard things, and read articles on it here and there. But never really spent as much time researching Scientology as I have lately.

Here is the founder, L. Ron Hubbard telling the story of Xenu. An apparent important part of Scientology’s “theology” if you will…


Now, I have general respect for individuals personal beliefs with religion as long as what they believe doesn’t affect my belief or life in anyway. And I hope I don’t contradict myself saying this…but how on earth could anybody buy into this?

Personally, I love sci-fi…I’m a huge fan (go see the new film Prometheus). But this just seems ridiculous.

I live in the Cincinnati area and have noticed a great big Scientology billboard on the side of one of the major highways that run through the city. So apparently this thing is growing.

Does anybody know anyone who’s a scientologist? Or that can make sense of the religion?

There’s got to be more to it than some science fiction story.

Harlan Ellison, who was a friend and drinking partner of Hubbard’s, has spoken and written many times of how “Scientology” began. Hubbard, who was a pretty marginal writer of sci-fi, was drunk (as he often was) and he and Ellison were discussing how to make money. Hubbard came up with the ideas for a new religion and thus, “Scientology” was born. A drunk sci-fi hack making up a religion is not necessarily surprising - having people buy into it is.


I’m willing to bet a lot of scientologists don’t buy into it. But at the time they reach the level of being permitted to learn the Xenu story, they have already given away so much of their private information and deepest regrets to the hierarchy, which means that if they leave now, the “church” will blackmail them by releasing that information to the public and generally making the victim’s life more of a living hell than you or I could imagine.

except now the information is released to the public on shows as common as South Park.

One of our neighbors when I was growing up was a Scientologist. She was a nice lady - she sometimes payed us to help clean her yard when the guy she hired was on holidays, and she took me to a play once (not a religious one either:) ). She never really talked much about religion though. She seemed to be an ordinary person to me. :slight_smile: I was told she mentioned it to my parents once or twice to do her duty, but that was it - after that she never brought it up again.

Apart from the couch incident, where he showed inappropriate and immature behaviour, you can never guess from Cruise’s perfectly crafted public persona --where he appears warm, engaging, funny, relaxed-- how troubled this man is. Going from being a Roman Catholic teen considering the priesthood to this is…surprising. Hubbard looks downright creepy. In his case, I think we’re treading on the grey zone between psychiatry and the demonic (that’s just me, though).

The information was out there long before South park, but people actually have to want to look for it. A TV show like South Park is viewed by a few million. With repeats and all that maybe it is as high as ten million. That is a small fraction of the population of the parts of the world where Scientology is active.
Your average person has no idea about what it really is when they get sucked in. It portrays itself as therapeutic and that’s what most people will think it is.

Hi! I don’t know much about scientology, just wanted to say hi as I also live near Cincinnati. Grew up attending St.Cecilia. I remember there being a billboard or two about scientology even back then, but I’ve never personally met anyone who took it seriously.

Scientologists believe there was intergalactic alien called Xenu 75 million years ago. Xenu was in charge of 76 planets an 26 stars including Earth which was then known as ‘Teegeeack.’ All the planets were ‘over populated,’ with about 178 billion people per planet. So Xenu with the help of psychiatrists called billions of people for* ‘income tax inspections*’ but people instead were given injections of alcohol and glycol to capture their souls. The people were unconscious and taken on ‘space plans,’ which could travel in 9 weeks 300 light years.

They flew to Earth and the unconscious people were put in to the bases of volcanoes. H bombs were put into the volcanoes, and were detonated. The ‘thetans,’ think refers to souls, of the people that were killed, blew around and captured by an 'electronic ribbon’ and put in ‘vacuums zones’ across Earth where the hundreds of billions of thetans were taken to cinemas to watch for 36 days * ‘three-D, super colossal motion picture*,’ where thetans were given data on world religions.

Some thetans went into the bodies of people that survived the volcano explosion, which are known as ‘body thetans’ which scientologists believe can be removed by doing certain tasks.

Why do people believe is, what evidence is there?

And people actually believe this stuff! :shrug:

When you read/hear Ellison’s account, it makes a lot more sense. It really reads like the person was sloshed when he invented it.

It reads like your standard '50s pulp sci-fi.

From what I can tell, Scientology makes no difficult demands on it’s followers. They can call themselves religious without having to deal with all those “restrictions” like having to marry people of the same gender, having to wait until you’re married to have sex, not using birth control…

Only restrictions I know of are use of psychiatrists/psychiatry, and the drugs related to, and no flying on DC-10’s.

That, too.


So compare that with Christianity, which makes more demands on us. It’s a lot easier to be a Scientologist I guess.

Until you try to STOP being a Scientologist. Then it’s a LOT harder to be one of those.

I’m curious as to if Katie Holmes will stay a Scientologist. Or if she figured out that Tom Cruise is just a complete whack job, and she ceased the perfect opportunity to get the heck outta there?

Tom Cruise is best friends with David Miscavige, who in the church of Scientology is apparently the equivalent to the Pope in the RCC. In 5 minutes of combing through google and YouTube, you’ll find all kinds of bad stories about the guy…food for thought.

Katie’s leaving him over religious issues. Their daughter is already in a Catholic school.

It’s easy to be a Scientologist if you’re rich and famous. What other religion out there has shamelessly named “Celebrity Centres”? Who else besides the rich could afford their “services”?

There’s a Scientology building here in St Louis that almost always has a sign out front saying, “FREE PERSONALITY TESTS”. Everyone knows how these work: no matter what answers you give, it’s going to indicate that there’s something very, very wrong with you, which e-meter results only confirm.

Then you have to go to auditing sessions. This is when you sit down with an auditor and discuss all your deepest emotional woes. They’ll drive so hard to find the skeletons in your closet that you’ll admit to things you never even did. Meanwhile, all your confessions will be recorded.

If you get sick you’ll be treated to more Scientology and dianetics “treatment sessions” that break and make a personality. If you’re still not well physically they might recommend you see one of their doctors, who will attempt to treat you with vitamin regimens and such, and you might even get sent to their treatment center in Clearwater, where people have died under their “care”.

If any of your family or friends expresses skepticism at Scientology, you not only stop speaking to that person but you’re encouraged to publicly bring them down. An example would be Tom Cruise not letting Nicole Kidman have access to their two adopted children.

Dangerous stuff. Luckily even if most people aren’t familiar with the Xenu story a small amount of research should clear things up for them. They claim to have a following in the millions, but last time anyone checked it was more like 20,000 - frankly even that number surprises me.

I read that was why his marriage with Nicole Kidman broke up as well. She was raised Catholic and I believe she wanted to raise her children Catholic. Don’t know if she actually followed through but that’s what I read at the time. I remember thinking that was a great thing for the kids!

Armchair quarterbacking, perhaps, but I’ve always thought Hubbard sounded like a schizophrenic. Adding alcohol and greed would’ve just complicated the mix that much more.

Then you have to wonder about all the people willing to drink his particular flavor of Kool-Aid.

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