LA Archdiocese is Closing Daniel Murphy HS


Daniel Murphy HS Should NOT Close

We all are part of the Daniel community in some way. The Archdiocese has made some terrible mistakes in the past on how they handled the Priest child abuse scandal. The sad part is that it appears they are continuing with the same mistake, hurting todays and future children to cover mistakes of the past. I personally talked to Daniel Murphy’s School Principle, and she stated that she repeatedly tried to reiterate to the Archdiocese that Daniel Murphy HS is financially solvent and has been running in the Black for many years – my son was on a waiting list to attend as a freshman in 2004.

I often tell my kids, that you should not just listen to people’s words; but also, look more attentively at their actions.

The Cardinal, repeatedly stated how protecting the children from harm was one of his top priorities; but his action differs. How many fund raisers did the cardinal attend to gather funding for the newly built Cathedral? Now compare that to the effort to Cardinal has put into trying to keep Daniel Murphy from closing. What I find shocking is that I do not recall hearing any attempts from the Archdiocese looking for solutions to keep Daniel Murphy High School open.

If we all choose to stand together on this issue, we can prevent a terrible injustice from occurring.

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well, sorry to hear about it. Not in LA area, but if you google “providence st. mel high school” you’ll see a school that was an Archdiocese of Chicago school, that re-opened as its own school, under a board of directors.


None of the many facilities throughout the Archdiocese that are closing should. But the Archdiocese must meet the requirements of the settlement.

Would it be nice if they could get funds from elsewhere? Sure. But where will these come from?

I can’t picture fundraisers to pay off the child abuse settlement being as successful as the ones for the Cathedral were, even if the Cardinal puts in the exact same amount of effort.


Hola “Little Rose”,

Thank you for your response.

When the Cardinal agreed to the settlement, he also stated that no “schools or parishes would be affected by the settlement”. Targeting another group of kids to pay for the hurt of another group would not seem like a good remedy. You may be correct, that a fund raiser offered by the Cardinal may not be successful. But to not even try guarantees failure.

Personally, I do not think that the church should have settled, because there were a lot of false claims included in that settlement.

Thanks again and my God Bless you…


We need help to keep our schools open…


We are making progress…

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