La La Land!!!

Every once in a while there’s a film that comes out and reminds me of why I love movies. The joy and magic they can bring that no other art form can quite touch. Well La La Land is that movie. Hands down my favorite film of 2016.

I loved it. Everything worked. The music was catchy, I’m still humming it. And the dancing! Guys, this movie has real honest to goodness, old-fashioned dancing! In 2016! And the choreography is dazzling, especially the last number.

This movie was such a breath of fresh air. It wasn’t cynical or ironic or edgy. It fully embraced its roots in the classic musicals of Hollywood but gave it a little modern twist at the end. A good twist though. There’s no morally objectionable content either so that’s another plus in its favor.

Anyways, I could probably gush about this for hours so I’ll stop here. But seriously, if you like musicals, or just want to have a good, lighthearted time at the theater, go see this movie!

:thumbsup: I have suggested to my swing dance group that we do an outing to this movie, when it comes here (since it looks like it has our kind of dancing). Glad to read your good review. The previews do look good.

I saw it Thursday. It wasn’t bad, but every problem they have looks really silly if you think about it. But it was really well made and very entertaining and the point isn’t really the plot.

The only morally questionable content is that the movie portrays the unmarried main characters cohabiting, and does so in a fairly positive light.

All that said: :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I think that’s true of all fun movies. We just watched The 'Burbs last night - very silly - lots of laughs.

Yeah that’s true, their whole argument could have easily been resolved, but most of the classic musicals I’ve seen have some equally silly plots. Yet they somehow work and I still love them. :slight_smile: Like you said, the point isn’t really the plot.

The only morally questionable content is that the movie portrays the unmarried main characters cohabiting, and does so in a fairly positive light.

Ah I forgot that but you’re right. Unfortunately that’s pretty much the norm in entertainment now. I appreciated that they kept most of it implied though, instead of showing a bedroom scene.

I look forward to seeing it eventually. From what I’ve heard, I’m pretty familiar with most of the locations where they filmed, so that aspect should be fun.

Much, much better than I thought it would be – and I love the “Audition” song (“this one’s for the dreamers…”) I love the scene with 80’s tribute band where Seb’s playing the keyboard guitar. And, yes, the ending – depending upon how you look at it – is either realistic or cynical. Has anyone seen the IMAX re-release?

We saw LaLa Land this weekend at our local “Art House” type movie theatre. They’ve sold out every show so far, and I can see why. This was a wonderful, fun, utterly delightful movie, very reminiscent of old-fashioned movie musicals, but with a fresh, modern take. The score is fantastic, and the dance sequences very well done.

And some very pretty dresses.

Trailer for Singin’ in the Rain in the style of La La Land:

We did this on Sunday the 15th, and made it a double feature with Singin’ in the Rain, which was having special showings that day. A great day out at the movies. :thumbsup:

During La La Land, my swing dance friend David was geeking out when Seb mentioned Count Basie and some other jazz greats.

That was cute!

I took my mom to see La La Land last week and we both loved it! She is 90 now, and still remembers seeing all of the old MGM musicals when they first came out. She was a big fan then, and she felt the same happiness watching the dance scenes now.

I watched La La Land two weeks before, and I LOVED it. Hands down, my favorite film of 2016. For two reasons:

  1. It feels like it’s made in the 1950s the same way Stranger Things from Netflix feels like it was made in the 1980s… even though I wasn’t born in those eras. It’s a good blend of retro and modern. Everything just feels so classic.

  2. It reminds me why we watch movies in the first place: to escape and to dream. The movie was an incredible escape and I loved every minute of it. It is definitely not for cynics.

That’s sweet :slight_smile:

For anyone who wants to know the influences of the film (spoilers for those who haven’t watched it), they’re in this video:

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