LA REC: Very young children should be allowed to transition from one gender to

This one might take 2 buckets of :popcorn: :popcorn:.


I’m so sad that some in society would promote transitioning from genders at young ages. Most studies I’ve read, and I have no links because I don’t save them, note that many children will grow out of this stage naturally without pressure or intervention.

The suicide risk of those who have transitioned is incredibly high, so their transitioning did not address other issues sadly. I hope we fight this movement with well reserached studies and a little good ole’ common sense.


I don’t understand why the LA REC always seems to be so wonky. Who signs off on this stuff? Surely Archbishop Gomez doesn’t support this.

Well, according to Archbishop Gomez, sometimes you have to be “practical, not doctrinal.”

I usually take people like Joseph Sciambra, Michael Voris, and websites like LifeSiteNews with a grain of salt. They tend to be divisive and lacking in charity.

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Horrible. Just Horrible.


I’d like to see that full quote in context, because acting like ‘practical’ trumps ‘doctrinal’ is so anti-Christian it isn’t funny.

Can’t you see the apostles, “Hey, guys. You know that whole ‘Take up your Cross’ the Master ordered? It isn’t flying in Palmyra. We need to be practical and take that out of the program. We’re doing real well with social justice among the plebe crowd, so we’ll make that the main message there. For the patricians, they kind of like the ‘crown in heaven’ and ‘store treasure there’ ideas, so we’ll give them that main message. But if we want followers, drop that CROSS jazz ASAP”.


Oh and of course the LA Archdiocese REC isn’t remotely “divisive.”


It is not only uncharitable but abusive to promote transgenderism in children.


It’s from the Q&A that Archbishop Gomez did, which can be seen in another thread I posted: Front Row (Q&A) with Archbishop Gomez

About the suicide rate - those studies indicating high rates are outdated and/or neglect to acknowledge a few things:

Rejection by friends and family increases suicide risk

Transgender people who are rejected by their families or lack social support are much more likely to both consider suicide, and to attempt it. Conversely, those with strong support were 82% less likely to attempt suicide than those without support, according to one recent study. Another study showed that transgender youth whose parents reject their gender identity are 13 times more likely to attempt suicide than transgender youth who are supported by their parents.

Discrimination increases suicide risk

Transgender people in states without LGBT legal protections are at higher risk of suicide. Other studies have found that transgender people who have been discriminated against are at a higher risk of suicide. What makes this worse is that discrimination against transgender people in health care, employment, accommodations, and housing is very common. Even in places with legal protections for transgender people, like Washington D.C., cultural bias and discrimination remains.

Physical abuse increases suicide risk

Transgender people who have been physically or sexually abused because they are transgender are at a higher risk of suicide. As the number of abusive incidents increases, the more likely the person is to have attempted suicide. The amount of abuse is also associated with the number of time suicide has been attempted. Again, studies on how often transgender people are assaulted show shockingly high levels of violence.

This is a good source with an interview with the researcher whose work is constantly misrepresented to show that transitioning increases the rate of suicide.

From the post:

Williams: Before I contacted you for this interview, were you aware of the way your work was being misrepresented?

Dhejne: Yes! It’s very frustrating! I’ve even seen professors use my work to support ridiculous claims. I’ve often had to respond myself by commenting on articles, speaking with journalists, and talking about this problem at conferences. The Huffington Post wrote an article about the way my research is misrepresented. At the same time, I know of instances where ethical researchers and clinicians have used this study to expand and improve access to trans health care and impact systems of anti-trans oppression.

Of course trans medical and psychological care is efficacious. A 2010 meta-analysis confirmed by studies thereafter show that medical gender confirming interventions reduces gender dysphoria.

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Praying for all our children and the ones leading them into confusion…

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amoung women
And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for us sinners, NOW and AT THE HOUR of OUR DEATH. Amen.
St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.
Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray and do thou, Oh Prince Of the Heavenly Host,
By the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl
About the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.



At follow-up, 30% of the 77 participants (19 boys and 4 girls) did not respond to our recruiting letter or were not traceable; 27% (12 boys and 9 girls) were still gender dysphoric (persistence group), and 43% (desistance group: 28 boys and 5 girls) were no longer gender dysphoric. Both boys and girls in the persistence group were more extremely cross-gendered in behavior and feelings and were more likely to fulfill gender identity disorder (GID) criteria in childhood than the children in the other two groups. At follow-up, nearly all male and female participants in the persistence group reported having a homosexual or bisexual sexual orientation. In the desistance group, all of the girls and half of the boys reported having a heterosexual orientation. The other half of the boys in the desistance group had a homosexual or bisexual sexual orientation.


Most children with gender dysphoria will not remain gender dysphoric after puberty. Children with persistent GID are characterized by more extreme gender dysphoria in childhood than children with desisting gender dysphoria. With regard to sexual orientation, the most likely outcome of childhood GID is homosexuality or bisexuality.

This study provided information on the long term psychosexual and psychiatric outcomes of 139 boys with gender identity disorder (GID). Standardized assessment data in childhood (mean age, 7.49 years; range, 3–12 years) and at follow-up (mean age, 20.58 years; range, 13–39 years) were used to evaluate gender identity and sexual orientation outcome. At follow-up, 17 participants (12.2%) were judged to have persistent gender dysphoria. Regarding sexual orientation, 82 (63.6%) participants were classified as bisexual/ homosexual in fantasy and 51 (47.2%) participants were classified as bisexual/homosexual in behavior. The remaining participants were classified as either heterosexual or asexual. With gender identity and sexual orientation combined, the most common long-term outcome was desistence of GID with a bisexual/homosexual sexual orientation followed by desistence of GID with a heterosexual sexual orientation.

There was also a peer-reviewed paper that showed the earlier a child is socially transition, the more likely they will undergo physical transition. I’ll try to find that if I can.

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The whole premise of gendered brains is looking like pseudoscience. The consequence of that is the argument, for example, that a ‘male brain’ in a woman’s body isn’t accurate.

A correlation between those with GD and autism. It’s possible the attentiveness to on particular thing is at the centre of it. What’s so dangerous about the transgender ideology is that it has the potential harm autistic children:

Where is the archbishop of Los Angeles?

VERY YOUNG children don’t know what end’s up and what end’s down. How can they be entrusted to decide something life altering at their young age. JUST like there is an age limit for alcohol, cigarettes, and many other seriously harmful things there should be an age limit for when this can happen. If they’d wait until they are truly old enough to get a complete explanation of what occurs and what it all involves to transition maybe some would not be in such a hurry to do it. Just because somebody transitions doesn’t mean it will bring them happiness. It’s be shown that even after transitioning fully many are still depressed and even worse so because they didn’t get down to the ROOT of the issue and why they feel the way they do. Archdiocese of Los Angeles ought to be ASHAMED of itself and will have to answer to God for any child they influence with this thinking.

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