“La Rosa de Guadalupe”


Sometimes to brush up on my Spanish I watch Spanish language programs.

I came across a show with this title. I’ve watched about three episodes.

Has anyone watched it? Other than the title, is it generally strong on Catholic themes? Or is it more like a telenovela.

The episodes I saw seemed a bit campy.


No one? (10)


Honestly, it sounds a bit obscure. :wink:

Fun anecdote though.


Yo estoy aprendiendo espanol . Veo El Chapo en Netflix x :slight_smile: me encanta la virgen :slight_smile:


I know of la Rosa of guadalupe. I have always meant to watch it for the same reason you have.


It’s called “La rosa de guadalupe”. I’ve seen some episodes and I can tell you that thing is everything but Catholic. The episodes are always about a “love” story or a tragedy or something like that, and the problem is always solved by a so called “miracle” of “la virgen de Guadalupe”.

I say it’s not Catholic because the majority of episodes involve something sexual and there are even episodes homosexually-themed, about killers, drugs, sexual abuse, just to name a few things they say our Lady “interceeds” for.

That show portrays our Lady almost like a voodoo spell. I personally despise it.


Thank you. Yes, La Rosa de Guadalupe.

It did seem a bit campy.

I was hoping it would be good Catholic fiction.


LOL very campy.
I used to watch it with a patient whose first language was Spanish.
I never took Spanish, but even I could get the gist of it.


These are called novelas and are similar to American soap operas only instead of
running for decades, they run for weeks and have an ending.


This one seems to not be a novela.

Each episode is one story. So you don’t need to watch every day.

I saw an episode about a family where the mother had mental illness, the father was a snack vendor in a park. Because of his wife’s illness he brought his small kids to work with him. Then his daughter was abducted.

So he first prayed for the wife to get better, and she does.

Then they spend years looking for their daughter. During the course of searching for her, he comes across an imposter pretending to be the daughter, then he is assaulted by gang members, finally he comes across his actual daughter, now as an adult, with a child of her own. The child looks just like the daughter when she was abducted (same actress!)

It turns out that she was abducted and then adopted by a very nice family.

So pretty cheesy, but not really against the faith.

I guess I’ll skip it.


If you can find the old telenovela “Chispita” (and I mean OLD. I watched it when I was in junior high and I’m over 50 now!) you might find it more worthwhile. I don’t recall a strong Catholic element to it, but I recall it being clean and family friendly.

On a lighter note, the old TV series, “Que Pasa, USA?” about a Cuban-American family trying to fit into their new life in Miami was pretty funny and bilingual. The daughter in the show attended Catholic school and the family was pretty devout (it was a sitcom, so some of their “devotion” was a bit irreverently funny,)


My grandmother would watch novelas.

My grandmother spoke only Italian, and Spanish was very easy for her to follow.

I don’t remember which ones she watched.


Hi. I saw it and I can tell you that it is not really catholic but in the country where it show is from (Mexico) a lot of people are crazy really crazy about Virgin Mary and sometimes it is idolatry because they can not know about Jesus or the Bible or they don’t go to mass but Virgin Mary is more important for them and this show is it. This behavior is a cultural and historical thing and a consequence of sincretism from 1525. In that show the “miracle “ is from Mary and not talk about God and that is not very helpful for the Catholics,


Unfortunately this show is very secular in it’s content and point of view. Most stories are told in 1-2 episodes and I suspect that the writers pull much of the stories from modern news headlines (from Mexico). In each episode, someone will ask the Virgen of Guadalupe for a miracle which usually occurs toward the end of the episode (there is a white rose that appears suddenly when the favor is asked and a gust of wind when it is fulfilled). It is quite campy and there is no mention of Praying the Rosary, Scripture, encouragement to attend Mass, or deepen one’s relationship with God. While I don’t think in and of itself it could be a tool helping to deepen one’s faith, it is at times informative and entertaining. It appears to me that it bridges a bit of the generational gap in terms of informing parents about unhealthy habits their child or teen might be involved in, as well as warning signs of such behavior. So I guess it is not a bad thing to watch it to brush up on Spanish but I would say do so with the understanding that it seems to lean more towards a secular point of view. Which is actually a bit of a shame to me as this show could have potentially showed some of the truly miraculous events that have occurred with Our Lady’s intercession.


Maria Isabel was a good novela and has been remade 2-3 times. I think that was the correct name and it showed how she constantly prayed to la Virgen de Guadalupe.


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