La Salette vision


I really don’t like this vision and it disturbs me greatly that it happened on the same date as my birthday. Any ideas for how to get round this? I don’t like many of the approved apparitions tbh. All I am glad of is that they encourage devotion. I honestly get freaked out by some of the messages. For a very long time they stopped me wanting to be a Catholic and in the end I decided that I don’t want to believe them. I know I don’t have to but I am not sure how to reconcile the fact that many do and the church is open to them. Some of the messages seem very unscriptural to me.


Peace comes from humble submission of the intellect and the will. The internal disturbance is internal turbulence created by pitting your own ideas against that which has been approved. To find peace, you must have tranquility, and tranquility will come when the turbulence (your intellect and will) settle. That is the key to peace. Many things in the church have bothered me in the past. But if you simply accept them, even without understanding, then peace will follow. No need to be freaked out. Doesn’t he count the sparrows that fall to the ground? Fear not- you are worth more than many sparrows!


Oh wow you quoted the verse that we used at our end of summer mass!! Thank you and God bless you the Holy Spirit picked that out for me from you thank you Xx


No worries. see how he cares for our smallest concerns? It’s simply proof positive.


Yes! You, my family member have helped me here xx God is amazing


What exactly is unscriptural? This post is a bit vague and I don’t know what exactly is the problem.


“For how long a time do I suffer for you! If I would not have my Son abandon you, I am compelled to pray to him without ceasing; and as to you, you take not heed of it.

Jesus said he would be with us always, unto the end of the age.


I share your view, all of the “approved” left me cold.


He is because of Mary’s prayers.


One of our priests said just because it is deemed worthy of belief doesn’t mean it really happened he said look at the fruit of it increased devotion etc which a lot of the shrines gave. That’s the important bit how do we respond


He is with us not because of Mary’s prayers at all, that is not Biblical .


Yes she prays for us but he promised us in scripture he would be here always


She didn’t say He abandoned us.


“If I would not have my son abandon you” implies she is in control of what he does. That cannot be. That’s why I don’t like it. I do accept that some good came out of it in that people turn to God because of it. However, I have serious doubts this was something Good in and of itself. I guess maybe this is my version of not liking the new variation to the catechism


There are many problems with the LaSalette visions and visionaries. Please read about these when you do a google search online. If you are freaking out about visions (as you stated in other threads) as a new Catholic, it doesn’t make any sense that you continue to obsess about them. Please move your attention to Fatima or Lourdes, if you insist on pouring over visions, as they do not have visionaries that became doubtful as they aged: in fact the visionary at Lourdes and two of them at Fatima are now canonized.

Please don’t obsess about these arcane things as a new Catholic. There are better ways to fill your mind and heart.


I think you are probably right . Thank you xx


Also, the abandonment spoken of here need not mean an abandonment of the earth, but simply a term for the withdrawal of mercy and the application of justice. God does that even in our own souls when we are full of mortal sin- he may withdraw from us the sense of his mercy and compassion to bring us to our senses and aid us in our repentance. Remember not to go to extremes in your interpretation, and always give the church, not your own understanding, the benefit of the doubt.


So you have scanned my other threads and now been rude to me. Not kind not helpful.


Softly friends, softly- lets not break any bruised reeds or quench any smoldering flax. Fan the flames of the love of God.


This is actually in a accord with teaching if read in the light of tradition. What Mary means here by “abandonment” is his withdrawal of mercy as previously said. The ultimate withdrawal of mercy is when someone ends up in hell, where they willingly abandon themselves.

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