La Salette

A dear friend is intending to visit the shrine of Our Lady of La Salette in France.

Have you been there?

Are there any specific devotions associated with a pilgrimage to La Salette?

How do you venerate the cross on Good Friday?

Probably will never get the chance to visit. This image at the shrine of Our Lady weeping is haunting

Devotions are here:

No, but I would like to. That apparition is one of the sixteen approved.

Vatican Approved Marian Apparitions
1 Guadalupe, Mexico (1531)
2 Quito, Ecuador (1594)
3 Siluva, Lithuania (1608)
4 Laus, France (1664)
5 Rue du Bac, Paris, France (1830)
6 Rome, Italy (1842)
7 La Salette, France (1846)
8 Lourdes, France (1858)
9 Pontmain, France (1871)
10 Gietrzwald, Poland (1877)
11 Knock, Ireland (1879)
12 Castelpetroso, Italy (1888)
13 Fatima, Portugal (1917)
14 Beauraing, Belgium (1932)
15 Banneux, Belgium (1933)
16 Kibeho, Rwanda (1981)

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