Labor Day vs Eid al Fitr

**Union workers and officials at a Tyson Foods plant in Tennessee said Friday they have agreed to reinstate Labor Day as a paid holiday, and the plant will also observe the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr this year. Originally, Tyson was going to do away with Labor Day and substitute the Muslim holiday instead.

Labor Day is a secular American holiday. Eid al-Fitr is a religious holiday celebrated at the end of Ramadan. How does the company justify the celebration of a private religious holiday? Now, I know Christmas is celebrated and most people have it as a paid holiday, but in our culture it has become secularized to such a degree that the meaning has been changed.

Opinions, anyone?**

A step in the right direction!

What about Easter?

Why not Jewish holidays too?

What about a day for us who were atheists?

Agnostics, et all?

I see a discrimination suit well on its way. Are there any lawyers here that know the law on this?

How does American law stand on employees taking time of for religous festivals as a matter of curiosity. Here, although festivals from other faiths are not generally celebrated employees are legally entitled to take time off for major festivals and refusing to allow an employee to do so can end up in an employer going to to a tribunal. I actually agree with this as it has been invoked by Christian as well as non-Christian workers.

Well that’s good. I sent them an email saying me and my family were going to boycott them. I say ditch the muslim thing, this is America not freaking muslim land.

Do you have a link by the way?

Not "freaking muslim land"
History B, no offense but-

I have a feeling your letter will end up in the circular file.

How about catholics here contact that Catholic Leauge? They have attorneys dont they? How about contacting Richard Dawkins? He might help too. This appears to be a good discrimination case for a knowledgeable attorney.

I think they have to allow reasonable time off, but I don’t think they have to pay for the time.

It would seem to be an EEO issue if they pay for one religion but not for all.

I would boycott them, but I haven’t bought anything from them for a long time. I thought it suspicious how many meat packing companies got shut down during Clinton’s reign and were promptly bought up and reopened by Tyson. :rolleyes:

They don’t have to pay for the time off her but many companies will pay within reason here where it is only a day or two in a year.

Apparently Tyson has now agreed to reinstate Labor Day (and keep Eid, also).

Link here:


After I wrote it my wife told me we didn’t buy their stuff anyway. :slight_smile:

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