Labor Worries Rise As Planting Season Nears In Alabama

“We need help doing it and we need help that’s going to come back every day,” says Mark Krupinski, whose family farms about 900 acres in Foley, Alabama. He says the work is hard, and when local people ask him about a job, they want to drive tractors, not labor in the fields.

“That isn’t the kind of job most of us want to do,” he says. “I don’t blame them for not wanting to do [it], but somebody’s got to do it if we’re going to keep eating for the price that we are eating at.”

Alabama Agriculture Commissioner John McMillian says there’s no doubt the immigration law has left farmers in a lurch. He says they’re concerned about where the labor is going to come from since legal immigrants are leaving along with the illegal ones.

Reap as you sow, Alabama.

I thought that there were hundreds and hundreds of black and whte Americans ready to jump at those jobs the Hispanics were doing.

One would think so given the high unemployment.
Apparently people have not been humbled enough by the economy.
Or perhaps the farmers do not want to pay a proper wage for the labor.

Either way, If/when the price goes up, it will be solely the responsibility of these dishonest farmers exploiting illegal aliens for financial gain.
Now that a legal wage is enforced, the price will correct itself.

Some call me heartless in my view, but I have always believed it highly immoral to take advantage of an aliens legal status to provide less then minimum wage for hard labor.

It is a horrible distortion of the ‘land of opportunity’ people look for when they come to this country.

Too many simply do not see that proper enforcement of the immigration laws will prevent a number of injustices committed against these people.

Right. If the laws are enforced and no stoop labor is available because we’ve kept those people out, it certainly will prevent injustices against people who aren’t here any more. :hmmm:

With high unemployment why wouldnt there be? Is there unemployment in Alabama.

. Of course .the reality is after the Farmers find out they’re not unable to rely on cheap but illegal labor, the market will adjust, the crops will be planted and they will be harvested

And people that are here.
Are you forgetting about those that are locked out of the market because they will not use exploit like that and simply cannot compete with the price commanded by another that is exploiting people?

Not inforcing immigration laws opens the doors to all kinds of injustices.
And the case in point here is unjust wages.

Indeed the farmers will reap as they sowed.
In this case, they sowed an artificial price through exploitation and unjust wages.

And we shall see the fruit of this injustice soon enough.

So it’s ok to have people come here illegally to pay people less than minimum wage?

Given that they cannot vote…:rolleyes:

Someone should tell them that.

It is my experience they generally pay them greater than minimum wage. However, they are not burdened by any other overhead on them like payroll taxes, health insurance, paid vacations, over time, 8 hour days , etc. etc. etc.

IMO. whether the workers are paid adequate wages or not, the buying public wants their fruit and vegetables at the market at the lowest prices, the pickers be damned. :frowning:

Along with the farmers.

At least we know the illegals won’t be exploited in Alabama.

2 big thumbs up :thumbsup::thumbsup: for the state that is willing to see a temporary disruption in prices rather then maintain immoral practices.

Right! it’s your experience that illegal workers are paid better than minimum wage. You must think people here are very stupid. You must think that people here have never heard of human trafficing and slave labor. I think it is insulting to the posters at this forum that you make such a claim. When has a migrant worker ever been offered a paid vacation or health care for that matter? Please be honest.

Please reread my post. You evidently misundersttod everything in it but the first line.

If you think illegals in the construction industry are being paid minimum wage you have no idea what you’re talking about. Do you know the difference between an illegal alien and a slave?

Illegal aliens working in the meat packing industry are offered paid vacations, health care and union scale wages.

Can you provide a cite for the implication here that undocumented aliens are voting in elections to any appreciate degree? I have never seen any evidence of this being a problem. In ten years of legal practice in immigration law I’ve heard of one case where a non-citizen voted in an election and that person was a green card holder for twenty years or more who honestly thought they were entitled to vote.

As for the topic at hand, I don’t think most Americans are prepared to deal with the price adjustment that would occur if we eliminated the undocumented agricultural worker population nationally. The prices of food would be such that many might find themselves going hungry, or becoming close to starvation because they would be unable to afford to buy food. Cheap readily available food is a very recent phenomenon in human history, and is in part due to cheap labor. For most of history, a few wealthy could eat, and most barely survived, or starved to death.

This fact doesn’t mean I like economic exploitation: I don’t. But it does mean that the consequences of such a development would be very, very serious, and much larger than a mere temporary fluctuation in food prices. What would happen if a loaf of bread suddenly cost $15? A package of lunch meat $20? If everything at the grocery store was 50 or 100 times as expensive? This is entirely possible since it wouldn’t just be the increase in wages to workers, but also scarcity of supply with less workers available to do the work. We know this because we already see that Americans will not turn out in nearly sufficient numbers to do such labor even when minimum wage or slightly better is being offered.

Who knows, maybe this is a great way of dealing with the obesity problem in America?:shrug: There would be a lot of people losing a lot of weight pretty quick if this happened, that’s for sure!

When the wages and working conditions meet a level that legal citizens will accept the labor problem will cease. The price will slightly increase to cover it. Thats how the market works.

Before we let anyone get scared with these numbers, do you have any type of economic analysis to show that these numbers are accurate?
Please, we need to know precisely what we are talking about before we evoke fear in people.

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