Labour has suspended Jeremy Corbyn from the party over his reaction to a highly critical report on anti-Semitism

In Britain, Jews have tended to be conservative, which makes sense given their traditions, family values, business prominance and interest in high culture.

It always puzzles me why in the US Jews tend to lean left.

This is a bit of a shock to me. Did I miss something? I thought Corbyn commanded great respect.

No he has been a fairly open anti-Semite socialist for years.

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There are left-leaning and right-leaning Jews politically in the UK, the Orthodox Jewish population tends to lean towards the Conservative party, but even then I’d qualify the statement as I can think of numerous exceptions.

The whole anti-Semite row about the Labour party has been bubbling away for some time, Corbyn’s meeting with people like members of the IRA and PLO back in the day hasn’t helped his cause. It’s become a big rift in the Labour party over time.

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Was the IRA anti-Semitic? Never heard that here in USA backintheday.

It is sometimes thrown up at it as an accusation. The IRA and Sinn Fein actively support the PLO and even nowadays Sinn Fein remains highly critical of Israel, the IRA had numerous links with the PLO. Also, this is a murky subject as the WW2 incarnation of the IRA had numerous contacts and links with the Nazis and one of its key members Sean Russell died on board an U-Boat, his statue has as a result been subject to vandalism on numerous occasions. The Loyalist populace is very pro-Israel and if you walked around the north you could find areas where Israeli flags would be flying and you could make a surely sure bet that was a Loyalist area. One with Palestinian flags flying would by the same token be very likely to be a nationalist or a republican area and this holds true till this day.

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Last time I was in Ireland I was shocked at all Palestinian sympathy I saw. But I suppose it makes sense when viewed in a certain light.

Here’s a recent press release from Sinn Fein, Jeremy spent a fair bit of time consorting with people associated with them at one point and this came back to haunt him in conjunction with this whole scandal:-

Sinn Fein’s stated outlook is that Palestine is under an illegal occupation by the Israelis. Jeremy Corbyn is from a political era when some of the Labour left who were sympathetic to Irish and other causes met with people who are now not regarded very warmly to say the least. Even then it was more the far left of the Labour party who would engage in these kind of meetings and the more centrist members steered clear as they knew this sort of stuff has a habit of coming back to haunt you.,the%20Palestinian%20Liberation%20Organisation%20(PLO)%20headquarters%20in%20Tunis.

One often got the impression that many Labour members were more concerned with internecine conflicts about Israel than in the immediate problems facing Labour voters.

There are some other factors that have cause rifts between Israel and Ireland such as the passport scandal of some years back. Ironically one of the chief organizers for arms shipments to the IRA of the 1920’s was an Irish Jew, he also had heavy involvement in organizing shipments for the Haganah later on. There are in fact numerous Jewish Irish republicans in Irish history, some of them instrumental in the War For Independence. Michael Collin’s solicitor Michael Noyk was an IRA member also and was essential to the war effort due to his role in purchasing properties and business contacts he and Collins evolved. It’s worth noting when he died in London he was given a military funeral by the Irish Defence Forces, although he supposedly on paper never held any rank in the IRA. Everyone knew he did though in the Dublin of his era.

And sometimes more interested in the issues around that because it was far away and easy to wax idealistic about, the same issue affects Sinn Fein to a degree of which I am member. I do view the Israeli occupation as problematic but I think the party spends a great deal too much time on the subject at times.

Corbyn was and is a political dinosaur who resurfaced from the depths of the 70’s briefly and became trendy, that moment has passed. Mind you it does strike me suspending people merely for stating a problem may be overstated is probably overdoing it. Corbyn is not a figure likely to wield any substantial political power again, his moment has passed.

The influx of members from people like the SWP meant that Labour went through a period of being dominated by their obsessions - if it’s to recover from that it needs to draw some clear lines.

I was aware of the German/ Nazi connection. Unfortunate, especially considering how many Irish-American men were fighting for the Allies. Wasn’t clear on the Israel thing, thanks for the info.

We used to have a gent like this who sold the SWP party nearby and who would regularly shout about ‘battering the Zionist state’ and then shout about ‘destroying fascism’. Even at age fourteen I found some ideological contradictions there. But it was a vain hope trying to point out that reasoned critique of Israel is one thing, whereas going on about ‘Moishe’ and ‘Hymie’ and how they run the world as he was prone to sounded pretty ugly. There is of course a streak of stuff like that politically mixed in with many parties historically in the British Isles. Often expressed in roundabout ways or not directly.

Whole seas of Keffiyeh around when I was an undergraduate.

It’s interesting how many Jews were instrumental in many rebellions/revolutions whatever you want to call them. They were quite influential in the southern confederacy as well. I’m sure there were more than a few in the American revolution though I’ve never looked into it. I suspect it was always seen as a way to try and get Jews respected in the new order. Not that it ever worked.

The WW2 IRA was pretty much ineffective, it’s key fighting figures from years early had either retired, were too old to fight and some even though the didn’t love the new state saw the World War as a much bigger issue. The Germans pretty soon realized the IRA of that era was very much a joke really and would be unable to render them any great help in either Ireland or the UK. It was pretty much being watched all the time by G2 (Irish army intelligence) in any case and DeValera was not shy of banging up quite a lot of them in jail as needed during that era.

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