Lack of Devotion to Mary

Well to start of with, I am Catholic, and I do not have any “issues” (disagreements) that I need to work out with the Church or anything like that. I would have to say that while I don’t pray as often as I could, my prayer life I feel is good, and is growing. However, when I pray, I usually pray just to God himself (speaking to the Father or Son most of the time). I feel no inner urge to pray to Mary for intersession, and I don’t pray the rosary that frequently. While I do sometimes pray to Saint Benedict and Saint Augustine, I usually do not pray to saints that often either. I don’t have a problem with praying to the saints or Mary, and I don’t mind that people do.

I really just want to know everyones opinion on whether they think that this is ok. Do I need to be praying to the Saints or Mary more often? Would my prayer life be better, am I missing out on something?

Well, the saints are our spiritual brothers and sisters, and their intercession is certainly powerful when added to our own petitions. As St James says, ‘the prayers of a righteous man avail much’, and the saints, we can be sure, are more righteous than any.

But I don’t think there’s a required level of devotion that one has to have to the Saints or Mary.

Perhaps simply try adding into your prayers the names of Mary and whichever saints appeal to you, not forgetting your guardan angel. This can be as simple as saying the same prayers but adding ‘through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, saint xyz and my guardian angel’) and see how it helps. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised if you do.

I agree. It is certainly not a sin to pray to God alone. However, Mary can help you to come much closer to God.

I think some people don’t care to pray through the intercession of Mary and/or the Saints because of the sentimentality that some people attach to such devotions. A lot of sugery language has been used down through the years that has put off many, and there’s the idea that God won’t hear us if we aren’t a “client” or “devotee” of one saint or another. Of course, that’s not at all the case. And, that shouldn’t influence of our understanding of why God desires the Saints to pray for us or why we are encouraged to ask the Saints for their intercession.

For example, I was directed to ask the intercession of St. Michael one evening when I was having a particularly difficult spiritual battle. And it was both Jesus and Mary who directed me to him. I understood by their direction that Michael wanted to help me and that as “prince of the heavenly hosts” his area of authority was with other angels, be they holy angels or demonic. So too do the other Saints and Angels have authority from God over certain matters, as he desires them to have. It’s only logical to assume, then, that prayers for their intercession in those areas is most effective.

I wonder if the relationship to Mary is somehow correlated to the relationship to one’s own mother.

I have struggled with devotion to Mary, and my relationship to my own mother was never particularly intense.

Since saints, popes, priests, nuns and others recommend devotion to Mary so highly, I have tried to cultivate it. I find that the Rosary is a good way for me, because it is so focused on Christ and the mysteries of His life, while at the same time invoking Mary.

I know plenty of people who run for their Rosaries at the first sign of trouble in their lives, finding great comfort in it. I admire this, but it’s not what I do. Maybe someday.


Yes, I think is ok.
No, you don´t “need” to, it is not a requirement or anything.
And YES I think your prayer prayer life would be a lot better and you´re missing out.

Kevin I was exactly like you just a couple of years ago. I didn´t think it was a big deal not to pray to Mary and the Saints, and it´s not like it is a sin or anything like that. But once I started praying to Mary (just to “give it a try”) I realized how much she helps us to get closer to God. Especially the Rosary, praying the Rosary every day has simply changed my life.
So I strongly recommend you start building a relationship with Our Blessed Mother, pray about it, ask her and Jesus to guide you.
As for the Saints, I still rarely pray to them. Maybe I will in the future, I don´t know (although I´ve started praying to my Guardian Angel recently, I guess he´s a Saint :slight_smile: )
God Bless You and Happy Thanksgiving

As a convert I pretty much was that way too, but then I met someone who took the time to really help me to understand why we pray to saints and how pleasing it is to God to have us to do that. I think if you ignore the saints and only pray to God, you are missing out on a lot of spiritual depth and texture. I think that if you overlook devotion to Mary and the saints, you will overlook a lot of opportunities to get closer to God. Afterall, communion is what it is all about. Praying to the saints is now one of my favorite parts of being a Catholic.

Great reply!


All prayers to saints bring us closer to God. They are there for no other purpose: to help bring us closer to God.

Prayer is a gift from God. Sometimes, as He knows us better than ourselves, He calls us to get to Him through His saints, sometimes He calls us to talk to Him directly. But oftentimes He calls us both ways, because I don’t know anyone who may be most devoted to a saint who never prays to God as well.

So, if you don’t feel called to ask for the intercession of our saints, it’s fine. Yet, why don’t you give it a try? Why don’t you ask God if He wishes that you honor His saints too? Bring it up to Him, He’s our Father. :wink:


Somewhere I heard of a prophecy, I think it was attributed to Padre Pio…In exxence it said that God had determined not to grant peace to the world until they asked for it through his Mother. Sounds reasonable.

I’m not sure, my case is the opposite…


I direct my prayers to Christ. I give thanks for his love and the love of those who watch over me (which is about as close to it as it comes), but I don’t feel the need or desire to share that devotion with anyone else. I’m uncomfortable with asking for intercession from a Saint as well, I’m of the mind that what I say is between me and Him.

Kevin42, you are still young. Maybe you haven’t had too many serious needs yet. Or where you found youself with serious problems that you really needed help.

I suppose that with time, you may find some problems. Just remember that the Saints can provide help. And when time has gone by and you remember problems and illnesses where they have helped, I suppose the Saints will mean more to you.

I really think that the devotion that some people have to Mary and the Saints is an amazing thing. That’s why I think I am going to start praying to Saint Augustine. He has always been someone I kind of feel I could relate to. He also struggled with sins of the flesh, so I think he might be perfect for me. Then just reading some of his works…incredible.

Would yall say that praying to Saints is kind of like a friendship. You can still love someone even though you don’t know them personally, but when you talk to them more, you get to know them better, and therefore grow closer. Maybe if I just spend more time praying to them, I will find the devotion that many other people have?

Well, that’s true to a large extent. You might want to find out a bit more about Mary. Perhaps read something like ‘Hail Holy Queen’ by Scott Hahn.

Probably we who are women and mothers (or fathers) can relate to her a little better.

Any friendship takes time. You must try to be a friend to get a friend. In making a friendship with a Saint, it takes time and faith on your part. If you have and persist in a gimme-gimme attitude with anybody, they won’t be your friend. To become a friend of a Saint, find out what their interests are. Sometimes a Saint is also devoted to their mother so finding out their mother’s interests may also help (St. Augustine’s mother is St. Monica). Perhaps you could do something to help your local Catholic Church to educate youth and do it with the intent to remember St. Monica.

For example, with Saint Anthony, I think it is best to be willing to grow in charity towards the poor. To remember the poor with donations (poor box, St. Vincent de Paul or any other charitable organization that provides food for the poor).

Just as there can be things that stand in the way of building a relationship with a specific living person – I suppose there can be something that stands in the way of building a relationship with a Saint.

For example, St. Augustine (of Hippo) was an African. Same with St. Monica his mother. If somebody were prejudiced against Blacks or against Africans, perhaps it may be more difficult for them to benefit from praying to St. Augustine. However, I may be incorrect in my thinking. Perhaps in such a situation, praying to St. Augustine may result in obtaining a grace that reduces racial prejudice or ignorance.

Saint Augustine and Saint Monica lived in North Africa. They were not Blacks. They considered themselves Romans.

I would be remiss if I didn’t encourage greater devotion to Our Lady :slight_smile: . I could write you a treatise on why, but instead I will recommend “Glories of Mary” by St. Alphonsus Liguori. I am reading this right now and it is really great.

At the very least however, I recommend praying the Rosary regularly. Through it, you will see how Marian devotion will bring you closer to Christ than you thought possible. :thumbsup:

The Church is the Christian Church - it is centred on Jesus Christ. IMO, that says everything. Jesus, not Mary nor His other Saints, is the One Who really matters. We would not have them, if we had not Him. Because we have Him - we can have them too. Jesus is God - it is vitally necessary to know Him. Mary is not God - she is a bonus, a freebie, an extra; like the other Saints. :slight_smile:

Perhaps knowing the Saints a little now can lead us to know them more fully hereafter - but that’s only my guess. The essential thing is to know God as revealed to us in Jesus Christ - everything else is included in that, & can’t ever replace it. ##

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