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In this world, one must agree that the Catholic Chruch is loosing mmber by the day, especially her ein North America. With our new liberlized morality, and lacking sense of respect for religions, the catholic chruch stands alone in a corner, with people leaving her by the day. Don’t you find this dicouraging, that so many are leaving? Is thechruch doing anything to evangelize as of recent? I am 15 and I attend a priovate school in Canada,. every day, I see secular kids just brush of the love Christ gives to us, the authority of the Pope, sinning in every which way (that’s not to say I’m not a sinner, because I am- I would say big-time.) What is our chruch doing to appeal to youth- the future? Don’t you agree that we need someone in the Holy see to address this issue? What kind of future does the Chruch have with youth like we have? It makes me really sad to think of the church, 50 yrs from now, being kicked around by secular governmnets because we didn’t have a fiathful enough youth. God, in Your infinite mercy, help us- please.


This works both ways. There may be people leaving but by the same token there a lot of people coming home to the Church. Have you taken a look at the Coming Home Network? Take a look at the list of conversion stories. That does not even come close to the number of people who are converting. My mom’s parish is not really big, roughly 100-200, and they had 7 people come into the Church this Easter. Larger parish’s have even bigger numbers of people coming into the Church. One thing I have noticed that is really interesting is the large number of Protestant pastors who are converting. The tide is slowly turning. Have patience. God said he would be with his Church always and that the gates of hell would never prevail. :slight_smile:


Great post and I have good news. Who is the church? You are! You are the temple of the Holy Spirit! I wouldn’t look to the holy see for something miracules to happen because it already has. Have you ever read the decree on the laity written during Vatican Council II? 2500 Bishops came together and agreed and wrote this document as to your role in the Church. You can also find Evagelization in the Modern World document. Live God’s word as you connot live it for anyone else. We say God have Mercy and mercy has been given. We ask God to save and he already has. All we have to do is enter into it. 50 years from now is a fantasy. It does not exist. All you can do is live God’s word right now. Is worry a fruit of the holy spirit? How about anxiety or fear? None of those are fruits of the holy spirit. Enter the kingdom today! Right now. It all starts with “Love one another as I have loved you”.

God Bless,



Why do we have to agree with that? I see hundreds and hundreds of people coming into the Church through the RCIA process every Easter. There are also lots of people joining the Church through private instruction and other forms of Catechesis, as well.

Yes, some people are leaving because they want to live immoral lives - that’s actually the honest thing to do, in their case.

Is the chruch doing anything to evangelize as of recent?

Yes, lots of things - there are tons of books, CDs, tapes, videos, and conferences, as well as classes that people can take at their parish church, and groups they can join.

What is our chruch doing to appeal to youth- the future?

Many things. Have you heard of World Youth Day? There is also Life-Teen, Youth for Life, and many other groups that teens and young adults can be part of, as well as the regular things that everyone can join in the parish, such as Bible studies, Catechism classes, and so on.


Where I live, we have lots of Life Teen parishes all over the city. You might be able to find one where you live. There is also NET Canada. They send groups of teens around Canada to evangelize the youth. They are a great bunch, believe me. They know how to evangelize, and they live the Gospel. See if your local church would agree to host them for a while. Maybe your parents could volunteer to be a host family.

Here is a link to NET Canada. You could even join NET if you felt a calling for that. Trust me, it is a lot of fun (and hard work). I have many friends who have been through their trainning and gone all over Canada for a year.

When you get to university, you can join the Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO). They are doing a great job bringing the faith to the university crowd.

Here is a link to CCO.

My advice to you is this: get involved. Don’t be a solo Catholic.

God bless,


We must fight evil with good and live our faith very fully and publicly. Yes, there is an apostasy growing. But this is nothing new! We have known other corrupt ages in the past.

We may, in our lifetimes, have the opportunity even to suffer for our faith. Right now in Australia, the Green party wants to cite Cardinal Pell for comtempt of parliament. Why? Because this brave bishop said that pro-abortion Catholic politicians should not present themselves for Holy Communion. To speak the truths of the faith on abortion or homosexuality or even other topics may carry a stiff penalty one day for the secular world can not and will not ‘tolerate’ the Truth.

But do not be afraid! God will give every faithful heart the grace and strength to live out a life of holiness. It is the example oif the faithful combined with God-given grace that will draw souls to the fullness of faith.

We have the examples of the martyrs commemorated on June 22nd–Sts. John Fisher and Thomas More. They gave their lives rather than give into the king who started his own church so as to divorce his wife. They gave their lives in witness to the primacy of the pope and the indissolubility of marriage. We pray to have the same courage!

God sees the whole picture and we cannot. We just strive to live a Gospel life and witness as we can in all faithfulness.

Ave Maria!


I think we may look at this a bit different, yes there are folks leaving, but think about the impact that one Scott Hahn will make, countless thousands of lives touched and changed. So instead of looking at numbers, perhaps we should look at the quality of folks brought to conversion through the ministry of a Scott Hahn or Bob Sugenis.


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